CHRMP Advance

Advance Course Overview

Certified Human Resource Management Professional-Advance (CHRMP-Advance) is the 2.0 version of CHRMP-basic. Presenting a one of its kind, advance level course for HR professionals.

This course is strategically designed for:

  • Existing, experienced HR professionals

Our globally recognized, award winning course is formulated keeping in mind your need of constant knowledge creation and commitment to your career which requires you to go the extra mile. Offering a holistic coverage of these domains:

  • Training and development
  • Employee Relations
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation and Benefit planning
  • Recruitment and Selection

This certification in HR trains you in building relevant and critical competencies which optimize your performance at work.

One among the principal courses in HR, CHRMP-Advance updates and widens your knowledge of core HR areas which will enrich your performance at your current role as well as, contributes to your career development. Preparing you for your future career roles, this course fills your skill gaps and equips you for acing the stepping stones in your career. We offer your career an edge, training you in accordance to both global and local standards, helping you stay ahead of your peers.

We firmly believe in the principles of adult learning theory and utilize concepts of experiential learning to deliver our training modules. The course material is updated, future oriented and loaded with projects and activities. Focusing on individual learning styles we also customize the training methodology in order to build competency based understanding of HRM.

We believe in building relationships and thus also include the services of guidance and mentoring along with our course.

Course Curriculum

As specified before, CHRMP- Advance trains you in the latest, practical components of HR practices. Using the competency framework we at ripples learning have skillfully designed a curriculum which is best suited to you.

Through our short term HR training we build competencies on core HR domains of: Training and development, Employee Relations, Performance Management, Compensation and Benefits planning, Recruitment and Selection and other HR generalist functions involving various subsections.

We also accompany this training with live projects, assignments, online material, in class activities and many more getting you holistically trained by expert facilitators.

The detailed curriculum is presented below. You can also visit the link of our brochure more information.

Job analysis and Competency Mapping

  • Job analysis
  • Job descriptions and specifications
  • Job design
  • Competency mapping and development

Training and Development

  • Introduction to critical terms and phases
  • Training need analysis
  • Design and development of courses
  • Delivery and implementation of training
  • Evaluation and ROI
  • Delivery & Implementation of Training

Employee Relations

  • Designing initiatives on the basis motivational theories
  • Calculating and combatting attrition and absenteeism
  • Career development and succession planning
  • Developing employee engagement and retention strategies
  • Grievance handling and disciplinary measures
  • Creation and assessment of HR policies

Performance Management

  • Understanding performance appraisal and management
  • Use of appropriate methods of performance management
  • Defining KRA’s, KPI’s and KPA’s for all organizational roles
  • Developing performance improvement plans

Compensation Benefit and Payroll

  • Planning and designing compensation according to latest trends
  • Understanding components of compensation
  • Designing salary slip and payroll
  • Understanding leave policy and excel basics
  • knowledge of labor laws, statutory acts and compliance

Recruitment and Selection

  • Human resource and manpower planning
  • Organizing and designing selection process
  • Skills and strategies for the interview process
  • Different types and methods of interviewing

Eligibility Criteria

CHRMP- Advance is a specialized HR training in Bangalore and as mentioned before it is specifically designed for experienced Professionals, our criteria is as follows:

  • Minimum of 1 Year of demonstrated professional HR experience with Bachelors Degree OR
  • Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management OR
  • Minimum of 2 year of demonstrated professional experience

Professionals, who are passionate about their career and desire to be part of the change, must join us.

What is in it for you?

If you are an experienced HR professional

CHRMP Advance primarily helps you build knowledge, skills and attributes in the key areas of Human resource management

  • It gives you an edge. In this global, competitive market, such an international certification makes you stay at the top of your game.
  • It provides you a thorough exposure of all HR domains, allowing you to make a lateral transition into any preferred sub-field of HR, opening a wider array of opportunities for you.
  • We provide you with an incredible opportunity to go back to the basics, re- learn and enhance your skills, raising your professional confidence.
  • An incredible learning and mentoring experience from world class facilitators which will transform you at the personal level too.

If you are an employer/HR manager insisting on getting your staff trained

The knowledge, skills and attitude of your entire team becomes updated and this can lead to formulation and smooth application of new, more effective policies and practices in your organization.

  • Reducing disparity in your team, it helps professionals from diverse backgrounds gain access to the best industry practices enabling them to collectively yield better results.
  • Eliminating all limiting factors, CHRMP fills skill gaps and enables all employees to add value to your organization, promising a large return of investment.

It provides you with an assurance of the knowledge and skill level of your team and the quality of the results they deliver


You no longer need to feel outdated, and threatened by either new comers in your organization or the competition of global market. The internationally recognized CHRMP certification offers you the once in a lifetime opportunity to gain updated knowledge in the HR domain, brush up your skills and learn the best practices of the industry. These benefits can also be shared across your team, ultimately leading to value addition and return of investment. It adds on to your list of achievements and will remain on your resume lifelong.

Being a one of its kind HR certifications in Bangalore, it defines you as a transformational professional, aids you to be updated in the competitive job market, enhancing the performance of both you and your team, thus, giving you a competitive advantage.

Certification is awarded to participants scoring more than 70% based on the Grading done one following Criteria’s:

  • Attendance (20%)
  • Complete Assigned Readings (5%)
  • Assignments (15%)
  • Class Participation and in class Projects (ICP) (15%)
  • Peer Assessment (5%)
  • Certification Exam (40%)


After commencement of your course, you will be required to appear for an examination. The examination will comprehensively and objectively cover all the concepts taught to you in the course and clearing the same will lead you to the certificate.

We provide assistance for exam preparation too; candidates can repeat classes and drop in any time to clear doubts.

Services we offer

  • We offer a full fledged mentoring and career guidance service for a year, since the completion of your course. We follow an open door policy and entertain our candidates to visit us any time.
  • Mentoring helps you transform as an individual and leads to both personal and professional development.
  • You potential is realized and you are led on to a path where you learn capitalize on it and use it to the fullest.
  • We offer you career guidance which helps to perform better at your current role
  • We can assist you to plan your career path and understand the steps you need to take
  • We also help you make a transition from one area of HR to another
  • For HR managers and employers, we support you in designing this course for your team
  • We also offer you guidance, which will help you understand your team mates better, thus leading to use of their diverse skills, optimally.

Fees Structure

Kindly write to us or call us on 1-800-2000-950 for fee structure.