We have received your request to download ’25 HR Email Templates’, and you will shortly receive this via email. In case it is not received, kindly reach out to us via info@chrmp.com. You can also download it from here.
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Ice breakers and laughter - Create

Team bonding and collaboration

Critical thinking and imagination

Ice breakers and laughter

Team bonding and collaboration

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Critical thinking and Imagination

Virtual Employee Engagement Activities

CPD Monthly Membership

1st Month Only INR 99 Then

INR 999

per month

CPD Annual Membership

35% fee waiver. You pay only INR 649 per month

INR 7788

per year

How many live events in a week?

You will have access to 3 live events of one and half an hour duration per week.

What if I miss the master class live event?

Missing the live event will not cost you what was covered during the event. The recordings of every event we conduct are available in the Recordings section in the Resource Hub, and are easily accessible to you within 3 days after it has concluded.

How to get my doubts cleared while watching videos?

We have enabled the comments section for videos in the Resource Hub, and as you are watching the videos, you may utilise this section to clarify all doubts, queries or even provide feedback.

How would I get notification for the events?

We constantly update the Membership Area in your Profile on the Academy. This will have details about upcoming events. You will also receive event reminders few hours prior to the event itself.

Are sessions ever repeated?

We are not in the practice of repeating events, as we prioritise providing new, updated content to our Community. Hence, we attempt to cover different areas of the HR domain with each session, to meet the various requirements our Community has.

Where I would get to know about my validity period?

Once you become a member, you can check your Membership details in the Membership Tab. This will also reflect the date of expiry of membership.
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