CHRMP – Advanced Course Overview

The CHRMP – AC certification program goes beyond the execution level of human resource management and addresses subjects and application methodologies at a decision making and strategy building level. This course is strategically designed for HR professionals with experience who are looking to fast track their career in the HR domain.

This globally recognized, award winning course is formulated keeping in mind the industry demand to constantly upgrade skills, establish best practices and build valuable networks in the industry. This intensive certification program validates the competencies of professionals thus allowing them to showcase their commitment to their careers. CHRMP-AC certification program covers the following competency areas:

  • Training and Development
  • Employee Relations
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation and Benefit planning
  • Recruitment and Selection

CHRMP-AC helps the experienced HR professional build on their skills, clarify doubts arising out of practical work experiences and understand the various dynamics that affect critical HR decisions and strategies. A CHRMP-AC certified professional has a deep and insightful understanding ofHR processes and systems, not only understands HR processes but also becomes capable of designing HR Architecture.

Through in-depth and application focussed training and testing at global standards, CHRMP – AC gives the candidate an all-rounded perspective of HR functions.This gives them a competitive edge helping them stay ahead of peers internationally.

CHRMP –AC is designed using the principles of adult learning, Instructional design and experiential learning techniques. The course material is new-age, future oriented and loaded with projects and activities. Focusing on individual learning styles, CHRMP-AC has a custom builttraining methodology in order to build competency based understanding of HRM.

Relationships are the key. We endeavour to provide guidance and mentoring along with our course to help participants learn and apply effectively.


The CHRMP – AC certification program is designed to give the participant a lead level understanding of the various HR disciplines. Thus it enables the certified professional to understand the interconnections between the various functions within HR and get insights on how decisions are taken, policies are formulated, culture is developed and strategy is evolved. This program is well suited to the following categories of professionals:

  • Professionals looking to diversify into other areas of HR
  • Professionals looking to take on HR generalist roles
  • Professionals seeking validation of their skills to fast-track their careers
  • Professionals seeking clarity in their newly acquired senior HR roles

Course Curriculum

The CHRMP – AC certification program is designed using the scientifically designed CHRMP Competency Framework with over 400 competencies for the various competency areas at three different levels – beginner, experienced and expert.

The competencies at the experienced and expert levels for the competency areas related to the four blocks of the CHRMP pyramid form basis of the course curriculum.

Sample view of the CHRMP Competency Framework
Competency AreaLevelCompetencyCHRMP aspect
Employee RelationsAdvancedWrites, maintains and modifies comprehensive HR policy documentsHR Expert
HR OperationsExperiencedDemonstrates awareness of company’s strategic plans and goalsBusiness Acumen
Performance ManagementExperiencedAnalyses data from performance appraisals and understands errors that may be caused by managers/appraisersHR Expert
Performance ManagementAdvancedEstablishes performance standards for appraisalBusiness Acumen


Competency AreaSubjectsCHRMP Aspect
Job analysis and Competency Mapping
  • Job analysis
  • Job descriptions and specifications
  • Job design
  • Competency mapping and development
HR Expert
Training and Development
  • Introduction to critical terms and phases
  • Training need analysis
  • Design and development of courses
  • Delivery and implementation of training
  • Evaluation and Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Delivery & Implementation of Training
HR Expert
Employee Relations
  • Designing initiatives on the basis ofmotivational theories
  • Calculating and combating attrition and absenteeism
  • Career development and succession planning
  • Developing employee engagement and retention strategies
  • Grievance handling and disciplinary measures
  • Creation and assessment of HR policies
HR Expert
Performance Management
  • Understanding performance appraisal and management
  • Use of appropriate methods of performance management
  • Defining Key Result Areas, Key Performance Indicators and Key Performance Areas for all organizational roles
  • Developing performance improvement
HR Expert
Compensation Benefit and Payroll
  • Planning and designing compensation according to latest trends
  • Understanding components of compensation
  • Designing salary slip and payroll
  • Understanding leave policy and excel basics
  • knowledge of labor laws, statutory acts and compliance
HR Expert
Recruitment and Selection
  • Human resource and manpower planning
  • Organizing and designing selection process
  • Skills and strategies for the interview process
  • Different types and methods of interviewing
HR Expert

The CHRMP – AC certification programsare available in Bangalore,Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Corporate and public workshops are conducted periodically all over the country and at international locations also

We also accompany this training with live projects, assignments, online material, in class activities and many more, getting you holistically trained by expert facilitators.

Please visit the link of our brochure (hyperlink) more information.

Eligibility Criteria

CHRMP programs are definitive and the course design is unambiguous making it very easy for the candidate to decide which program aptly fits their need. Likewise, the eligibility criteria are also set to ensure participants are ready to meet the program challenges and pace.

CHRMP-AC is an intense and fast paced program that is based on the premise that candidates have an execution level understanding of HR. Therefore work experience is a prerequisite.

The CHRMP – AC certification program is recommended for HR professionals.

EducationWork experienceDemonstrated professional HR experienceAspiration
Graduate3 – 20 years3 yearsFast track career in HRPrepare for a senior roleIncrease remuneration capability
 Post graduate2 – 10 years2 years
CHRMP – FC2 – 10 years2 years

*Degree in human resource management is not a prerequisite to apply for this program

The CHRMP – AC advantage

CHRMP Advance primarily helps professionals build in-depth knowledge, advanced skills and certain key attributes within some of the most critical functions of Human resource management. CHRMP – AC gives the HR professional an edge in the global, competitive market to stay on top of the game. It provides a thorough exposure of all HR domains, allowing the participant to make a lateral transition into any preferred sub-field of HR, thus opening a wider array of opportunities for them. This program provides an incredible opportunity to go back to the drawing board, re- learn and enhance skills thereby raising professional confidence in participants.

An incredible learning and mentoring experience from world class facilitators, which will transform you at the personal level too.

For employers, the benefits of getting their team trained are multiple. The knowledge, skills and attitude of the entire team becomes updated and this can lead to formulation and smooth application of new, more effective policies and practices in the organization. Reducing disparity in your team, it helps professionals from diverse backgrounds gain access to the best industry practices, enabling them to yield better resultscollectively. Eliminating all limiting factors, CHRMP fills skill gaps and enables all employees to add value to the organization as a human resource management professional, thus assuring a large return of investment. CHRMP – AC enhances the knowledge and skill level of the team and thereby the quality of results they deliver.

Certification process

Candidates have the option of applying for the CHRMP –AC certification only. This means that they would not undergo training but will get their HR competencies validated through the testing process. The testing at the end is intensive and consists of binary, scale and descriptive questions under each of the following two sections:

  • Questions to test knowledge and understanding of concepts, terminologies and methodologies
  • Questions pertaining to industry knowledge and ability to provide streamlined solutions to the business requirements

The question banks are created using experts and scenarios from across industries, geographies and employee types. The CHRMP question bank has more than 20,000 questions, which go through constant updating.

We provide assistance for exam preparation too; candidate can repeat classes, attend missed classes in the form of videos and also contact us at anytime to seek clarifications.

Certification is awarded to participants scoring more than 70% based on the grading done on the following criteria:

Eligibility Criteria
Complete Assigned Readings
Class Participation and in class Projects (ICP)
Peer Assessment
Certification Exam

Member Benefits

Mentoring and career guidance:

The Certified Human Resource Management Professional (CHRMP) team offers a full fledged mentoring and career guidance service to its alumni for a year from the completion of the course. Candidates may visit the facilities at any point of time to meet with facilitators or access resources.

Mentoring helps transform an individual at both personal and professional levels.

Customization of course content: We support HR managers and employers in designing this course for their teams so that they have certified human resource who know exactly what needs to be delivered within the organisation.

Fee Structure

Fees Structure for Indian Participants
S. No.Program TitleMethodology and durationTraining and certification cost INRCertification only
1CHRMP – ACWeekdays – weeks38,940 INR21,240 INR
2CHRMP – ACWeekend – weeks38,940 INR21,240 INR
3CHRMP – ACOnline38,940 INR21,240 INR
Fees Structure for International Participants
S. No.Program TitleMethodology and durationTraining and certification cost ($)Certification only($)
1CHRMP – ACWeekdays – weeks$ 1125$ 550
2CHRMP – ACWeekend – weeks$ 1125$ 550
3CHRMP – ACOnline$ 1125$ 550

For further details, please write to us or call us on 1-800-2000-950.