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An HR Professional has their task cut out for them, in supporting the human capital within the organisation while leveraging the latest developments in the field of HR. The extensive collection of resources/templates and policies in CHRMP Resource Hub having immediate workplace relevance is a vital instrument to showcase your HR team’s higher-order thinking skills.

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As an HR Professional, it is important to keep yourself on your toes. With constant exposure to industry-specific best practices through regular interaction with industry experts, panel discussions, and the thriving HR community, CHRMP CPD Membership offers the most relevant insights and learnings in the domain of HR.

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The series of CHRMP CPD Masterclasses conducted 12-15 times a month will drive vital competencies of workplace proficiency, technology efficaciousness, and business acumen in your HR teams making them effective business partners
High-Quality Video Resources

High-Quality Video Resources

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Valuable Downloads
HR Community

Access to an ever-growing HR Community

Tech HR Remote Sessions

Regularly conducted Technology sessions (2-4 times per month) focus on solving Technology problems that plague HR Professionals – from using advanced excel features to creating employee engagement surveys.

Soft Skills Remote Sessions

Regularly conducted Behavioural Skills sessions (2-4 times per month) focus on developing critical skills needed in HR – from leadership styles to learning styles, from writing e-mails to preparing TNA reports

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The CHRMP Academy is an excellent networking opportunity, and with CPD Membership, you can now have a profile, to connect with fellow HR Professionals. Get acquanted with other CHRMP CPD Members and make your network expand limitlessly.

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Our CPD Members get exclusive opportunities to buy our products, with special Member discounts. We value our Community, and as a Member, we make sure you know this.

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Our CPD Members get first-hand, valuable insights into what we at CHRMP are up to, and we offer only our CPD Members a peak at this. Let us share the excitement when it comes to our latest developments, and look forward to this progress together.

21 Virtual Employee Engagement Activities

Predictions of TA Strategies for 2021-2025

25 HR Email Template

As a brand, we look to enable HR Professionals across the industry, through a vast amount of updated resources to assist you in regards to everything HR. Choose to stay in tune with the changing HR domain, and don’t miss any developments and practices that can keep you more than a step ahead of the competition.

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