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In this Webinar we'll take you through:

In this webinar, we will introduce you to the  important concept of understanding how Talent Acquisition Analytics is being done by top notch companies.


We make you understand the new age Talent Acquisition process and then talk about how metrics form an integral part of implementing HR Analytics for Talent Acquisition. By the end of Webinar you will know what are the best practices for better people analytics and driving data based decisions in the area of hiring & talent acquisition.


  • Evidence Based HR
  • Understanding Big Data
  • How HR Analytics drives decisions
  • Talent Acquisition vs Recruitment
  • Efficiency, Effectiveness & Impact Metrics
  • Measuring TA activities
  • Application of Metrics
  • Case Discussion
Animesh Rai

About the Host

Animesh Rai is Director – Training and Certification for CHRMP (Certified Human Resource Management Professional). In an HR career spanning 17 years, Animesh has consulted with premier organizations in the world, including a number of Fortune 100 companies. 


He has helped organizations design, develop and execute best practices across all domains of HR & have been vital in organizations restructuring their HR systems & processes. He is a Certified Learning and Development Professional and has trained over 8000 professionals from 41 different nationalities, ranging from Top Management to young executives.


He is a Graduate in Production Engineering from MIT & also done his Certification in Business Management & Entrepreneurship from University of Virginia.

What People Have Said About The Previous Webinar

Aditi Sharma

Aditi Sharma

I found the webinar to be very detailed and insightful. It clarified certain critical areas on the compensation structure that I had. Thank you for the valuable information.  

Rupali Nagarkar

Rupali Nagarkar

The webinar on TNA was very informative and provided me with essential elements and methods that go into implementing GAP analysis.  Thank you for this well-informed webinar.  

Rohini Gupta

Rohini Gupta

A lot of questions and anxiety had gripped my mind at the time when corona was proving to be a frightful viral disease.  This webinar by Dr Vivek was very helpful in understanding various precautions we could take and how to stay safe at work and home environments.  

This Webinar is for you if:

  • You are an HR professional looking for professional growth and development
  • You want to understand the best HR Practices of fortune 500 organization  
  • You are looking for transitioning into a role in Human Resource Management 
  • You want to create or recommend a structure & strategy for your organization that works  

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