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Welcome to the 3E (Enable-Encourage-Engage) @ CHRMP program!

Elevate your HR career with the CHRMP 3E (Enable-Encourage-Engage) Mentorship Program. This unique initiative connects emerging HR professionals with seasoned experts, creating a dynamic learning environment.

Why Join the 3E Program?

For Mentors:

  • Develop and refine mentoring and coaching skills.
  • Stay updated with the latest HR trends and issues.
  • Revitalize the HR profession through active contribution.
  • Expand your professional network with other mentors and HR professionals.
  • Invest time meaningfully to benefit the HR community, aiding in personal and professional development of others.


For Mentees:

  • Receive valuable advice and guidance from experienced HR instructors.
  • Prepare effectively for future professional challenges and risks.
  • Enhance ability to tackle workplace problems confidently and effectively.
  • Benefit from the wisdom and experience of established HR professionals in navigating career paths.

Vision and Mission:

We aim to foster strong, beneficial relationships between HR professionals at different career stages, supporting their journey through challenges and towards achieving their full potential.

Our Ethical Pledge:

Mentoring at CHRMP is a commitment to professionalism and respect. Mentors serve as positive role models, advisors, and guides, focusing on:

  • Respecting diverse perspectives.
  • Prioritizing the mentee’s goals.
  • Upholding confidentiality and integrity.
  • Regularly engaging in productive discussions.


Join Us:

Become a part of a community that’s shaping the future of HR. Your participation, whether as a mentor or a mentee, is a step towards personal and professional excellence in the dynamic world of Human Resources.

If you are interested in being a mentor, please fill in the Mentor Application Form

If you are interested in being a mentee, please fill in the Mentee Application Form