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CLDM - Certified Learning & Development Manager

The Certified Learning & Development Manager (CLDM) certification is a transformative program that equips HR professionals to become leaders of change, focusing on pivotal areas such as Learning & Development, competency mapping, and performance enhancement. Designed for those keen on steering innovation and growth, it offers in-depth insights into modern HR management’s critical aspects. Through a curriculum that covers strategic L&D planning, Design Thinking, and talent development analytics, CLDM prepares you to navigate and lead through the complexities of today’s HR landscape. This certification is your pathway to not just advancing in your career but also to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and organizational excellence.

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38 hours on-demand video

69 quizzes

Blended Learning comprising self paced modules and live online Boot camps

1 Mock Test

18 Modules

3 month complimentary CPD membership

Check Out What You’ll Gain in the CLDM Course

The realm of Learning and Development (L&D) continually transforms, demanding adept professionals to steer strategic initiatives. Our CLDM certification is tailored for experienced managers, acknowledging their existing expertise and aiming to elevate their proficiency in driving learning cultures within organizations. Delivered by seasoned professionals, this comprehensive program equips managers with advanced skills in designing, implementing, and evaluating impactful training solutions. Attaining the CLDM certification showcases a manager’s deep commitment to excellence in L&D, setting them apart in a competitive job market and positioning them as a catalyst for organizational growth and talent development.

  • Instructor-led sessions
  • Blockchain-verified credentials from Accredible
  • Assessments in partnership with Mercer Mettl
  • Always-on chat support on multiple channels
  • Embed Credentials in LinkedIn Profile
  • 3 month complimentary CPD Membership

Key Highlights of CLDM Course

Establish proof of competency with a globally recognized certification validated by MercerMettl
Acquire a Digital Certificate through Accredible, secured and verified with Blockchain technology
Get unlimited access to CLDM course session recordings for 1 year
Practical learning from industry professionals and consultants to Fortune 100 companies
Complimentary access to career resources and job search assistance to accelerate career growth
Take the exam from the comfort of your home via secure web proctoring
Be part of a global network of credential holders across 60+ countries
Immersive learning experience through self-paced, high quality 4K modules
Comprehensive learning experience through self-paced, high quality(4K) learning modules

Learning Outcomes of CLDM Course

Evaluate the effectiveness of training programs using Kirkpatrick’s model

Acquire foundational coaching skills, understand coaching styles, and set clear coaching goals.

Develop learning solutions using biological and cognitive processes and their limitations

Create compelling, concise content addressing core messages and counterarguments.

Understand how learning taxonomies play a vital role in various elements of instructional design

Utilize storytelling for memorable and persuasive presentations.

Create an engaging training intervention and incorporate visuals and creativity to enhance training impact.

Develop listening skills, including visual cues and authentic understanding.

Preview what our Lessons look like

What You'll Learn

  • Introduction to Learning & Development
  • DNA of training – KSA
  • Four levels of Skills Development
  • Types of learning programs
  • Approaches to training
  • ADDIE Model(An introduction to the phases
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Delivery
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation (Criteria of evaluation, Methods and Kirkpatrick’s Model)
  • How learning happens
  • Anatomy of a good instructional design
  • Need analysis for instructional design
  • Creating a robust evaluation plan
  • Instructional methods
  • Customizing Instructional design for delivery
  • Performance goals and learning 
  • Learning Taxonomies
  • Steps to create a design document
  • Introduction to competency-based HRM
  • Understanding competencies
  • Competency-based HRM vs traditional HRM
  • Competency mapping 
  • Writing competency indicators
  • Understanding competency 
  • Understanding competency matrix
  • Competency Assessment
  • Introduction to performance management. 
  • Importance of performance management processes. 
  • Objectives and uses of performance management. 
  • Performance Appraisal process 
  • Traditional methods of performance appraisal 
  • Critical Incident Method 
  • Graphic rating scale method 
  • Behaviourally anchored rating scales 
  • Management by objectives. 
  • 360-degree appraisal. 
  • Assessment centers
  • The  Power of Design Thinking
  • Design Thinking as an HR Core Strategy
  • Design Thinking Principles and the ‘Define’ Phase in HR
  • Applying Design Thinking in HR and the ‘Ideate’ Phase
  • Cultivating Design Thinking Mindset and the ‘Prototype’ Phase.
  • Leveraging Diverse Experiences in Design Thinking and the ‘Test’ Phase
  • Fostering Innovative Teams and Debunking Design Thinking Myths
  • Design Thinking’s Future Impact and Behavior Adaptation
  • Understanding the Skill of Coaching
  • Performance Management through Coaching
  • Skills Required for Coaching
  • Feedback Process in Coaching
  • Building Trust and Partnership during Coaching
  • A day in the life of a trainer
  • Understanding the training cycle
  • Using the training design to develop a training
  • Success factors
  • Implementation of the training
  • Understanding training styles
  • Training evaluation using the kirkpatrick methodology
  • Planning your Presentation
  • Developing Persuasive Content
  • Knowing your Audience
  • Engagement through Creativity and Visual Design Skills
  • Brain’s Role in Communication
  • Mastery of non-verbal communication
  • Active listening and authentic communication
  • Enhancing communication proficiency through vocabulary, questioning and tone
  • Building expertise in the balanced scorecard approach.
  • Perspectives, Objectives, and Performance Measures.
  • Employee perspectives and psychological aspects of scorecard implementation.
  • Addressing obstacles in effectively applying balanced scorecards.
  • Applying best practices to design balanced scorecards for diverse functions.
  • Holistic incorporation of balanced scorecards into organizational frameworks
  • Cost Analysis and Management in Training.
  • Evaluation of Training Programs using the Kirkpatrick Model.
  • Role of Analytics in Optimizing Talent Development Strategies.
  • Calculation and Implications of Training ROI.
  • Behavioral Observation Techniques
  • Competency Framework Design
  • Tools for Behavior Measurement
  • Inference Drawing Skills
  • Proficient Recommendation Development\
  • Organizational Culture and Climate
  • Change Management Strategies
  • Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Team Dynamics and Performance
  • Employee Engagement and Motivation
  • Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives
  • Strategic Planning and Visioning
  • Vision, Purpose, Context, and Organizational Culture.
  • Objectives, Key Results, Initiatives, and Dependencies..
  • Future Readiness and Performance Evaluation Challenges.
  • Best Practices and Writing Skills for Diverse Organizational Functions.
  • Incorporating OKRs strategically into broader business frameworks
  • Various change management models and their impact on organizational dynamics
  • impactful communication strategies for change initiatives.
  • Creation and execution of effective change implementation plans.
  • Identification and addressing of resistance to organizational change.
  • Critical role of HR in guiding and supporting change processes.
  • Succession Pipeline
  • High-Potential Identification
  • Leadership Development
  • Talent Retention
  • Succession Readiness
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Foundational Power BI Knowledge Acquisition
  • Efficient Navigation and Utilization of Power BI Interface Features
  • Skill Development in Data Interpretation and Comprehension using Power BI Tools
  • Mastery of Data Analysis Techniques within the Power BI Environment
  • Proficient Creation of Insightful Data Visualizations in Power BI
  • Transformation of Raw Data into Meaningful Charts using Power BI
  • Application of Filters for Enhanced Interactivity in Power BI Visualizations
  • Basic elements of Excel, Statistics and Tableau
  • Maps and its usage in Tableau
  • Basic operations using Excel and Tableau
  • Slicers and widgets in Excel
  • Database creation, table creation, chart and graph visualization in Excel and Tableau
  • Converting categorical data to visuals (bar graphs, pie charts, histograms)
  • Scatter plot, Z-score, Correlation and implementation
  • Random, stratified, and systematic sampling in Statisticst

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Anindita Dash

Content Development & Learning Delivery Expertise



Animesh Rai

Director & Course Head


Veronica Maria

Veronica Maria

Learning Delivery Expertise


Celeste Dean

Certified Instructional Designer from Symbiosis



Abhishek Kumar

CEO, Ripples Learning Services


The CHRMP Edge

Learn from Industry Experts

CHRMP facilitators are highly experienced and passionate, and dedicated to the HR field. They are Fortune 500 consultants, and the sessions led by them focus on honing competencies through practical insights into real-world HR challenges.

Global Reach

Our global HR community spans across 190 countries with 5600+ test centers, ensuring accessibility for HR professionals around the globe. Additionally, you can conveniently take the exam from the comfort of your home through secure web proctoring.

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Mercer Mettl, our certification partner, offers the world’s best testing standards. When it comes to competency testing, Mercer Mettl is a world leader, offering a proctored, rigorous and secure exam.

Globally Recognized Digital Certificate

CHRMP provides a globally recognized digital certificate through Accredible, verified and secured by Blockchain technology. You can showcase these certificates by embedding them on professional platforms such as LinkedIn.(View a Sample Digital Certificate)

Thriving Alumni Community

CHRMP prides itself on its thriving alumni network through which HR professionals can network, connect and collaborate with other professionals of the HR domain. This network acts as a vital resource, which provides exciting opportunities and career assistance.

Access to Abundance of Resources

Once enrolled in CHRMP, you will gain unlimited access to your course resources for up to a year. This also serves as valuable on-the-job support. Our high-definition recordings prove to be indispensable assets for CHRMP students, providing them with a distinct advantage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The CLDM (Certified Learning & Development Manager) certification course is a professional development program designed to help individuals gain expertise in the field of learning and development. It is a comprehensive program that covers various topics related to designing, delivering, and evaluating learning and development initiatives for organizations.

Individuals interested in pursuing a career in this field, or professionals already working in this field looking to enhance their skills are eligible to apply for the CLDM certification course.

You will be able to access the resources of your course for upto a year after enrollment.

Yes, you can access the resources for upto a year, even after successfully clearing the examination.

You will receive your certificate 10 days after successful completion of the examination.

Yes, you will have to successfully clear the examination at the end of the course in order to receive a certificate. 

You can sit for the examination from the comfort of your own home via web proctoring. 

We do customize the session duration on special requests. Please speak to our team if you have any such specific requests, and we can discuss having a schedule that suits you.

We do help you build your resume. We do provide placement assistance by sharing interview opportunities as and when it comes. We also have active Whatsapp groups where our alumni frequently share job openings that you can benefit from. Many of our participants have been able to place themselves using these social media groups.

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