Training need analysis – An Introduction

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In this Webinar we'll take you through:

In this webinar, we discuss clear and concise aspects of Learning Continuity Planning.


  • Highlight the pressing needs and challenges created for L&D professionals and HR departments by the current Pandemic and it’s impact on Learning Goals and L&D objectives
  • Illustrate  how organizations can adapt to the changing environment by keeping their employees engaged and resilient through virtual learning
  • Clarify how different aspects of the learning cycle can be conducted with the current mandate of social distancing 
  • Convert your existing training plan to suit the new normal
  • Demonstrate how Ripples Learning has moved to respond to this unique situation
  • Take a glimpse at Ripples’ portfolio of offerings for developing strategies towards enhanced Digital Organizational learning.

About the Host

Abhishek is responsible for learning delivery and research at Ripples. He owns the Circle of Excellence for Human Behavior, Customer Engagement, Leadership and Personal Transformation.


Abhishek is a facilitator and executive coach who is passionate about organizational and personal effectiveness.


Abhishek has imparted learning to more than 12,000 individuals in the past 8 years with more than 4000 platform hours. He is known for his engaging, high-energy, humorous style and the ability to make learning fun.

What People Have Said About The Previous Webinar

Aditi Sharma

Aditi Sharma

I found the webinar to be very detailed and insightful. It clarified certain critical areas on the compensation structure that I had. Thank you for the valuable information.  

Rupali Nagarkar

Rupali Nagarkar

The webinar on TNA was very informative and provided me with essential elements and methods that go into implementing GAP analysis.  Thank you for this well-informed webinar.  

Rohini Gupta

Rohini Gupta

A lot of questions and anxiety had gripped my mind at the time when corona was proving to be a frightful viral disease.  This webinar by Dr Vivek was very helpful in understanding various precautions we could take and how to stay safe at work and home environments.  

This Webinar is for you if:

  • You are an HR professional looking for professional growth and development
  • You want to understand the best HR Practices of fortune 500 organization  
  • You are looking for transitioning into a role in Human Resource Management 
  • You want to create or recommend a structure & strategy for your organization that works  

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