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CHRMP Certification in BEI helps build and validate your mastery in the area of Behavioural Event Interviewing while leveraging the advantages of competency-based HRM. This is a mission-critical skill for HR professionals involved in recruitment and selection as well as Hiring Managers from the business.

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Key Highlights

Gain a Global Certification validated by Mercer Mettl, establishing proof of competency
Digital Certificate through Accredible, verified and secured with Blockchain technology​
Unlimited access to CHRMP BEI Certification course for 1 year
Belong to a network of credential holders from over 40 countries
Take the exam at the nearest Mercer Mettl center or from your home via web proctoring
1 Month CHRMP Prime Membership with Templates, Masterclasses, and over 100 hrs of sessions
Practical learning from industry professionals and consultants to Fortune 100 companies
Complimentary access to career resources to assist with job search and career growth
Comprehensive learning experience through self-paced, high quality(4K) learning modules

Course Description

Behavioural Event Interviewing is an essential tool for managers, hiring departments and the organisation as a whole. It is important that employees being hired are in sync with the nature of the organization. Experiences and spontaneous responses obtained through BEI help evaluate competencies and assess skills, knowledge, behaviour and real-life, real-time responses.

Learning Outcomes

Identify competencies required for management of Human Resources

Design and develop the Competency Matrix

Create positive and negative Competency indicators for different Competency area

Distinguish BEI from traditional interviewing methods

Develop the ability to conduct competency-based interviewing

Create the interview structure and interview funnel

Identify the STAR response in a Behavioural Event Interviewing

Document the interview process and assign ratings

Intended Audience

The CHRMP Behavioural Event Interviewing certification program is designed for anyone who aspires to be actively engaged in the hiring and selection process of an organisation. Competency mapping is a key concept here that drives Human Resource Management, and professionals desiring to fast track their careers in the Talent Acquisition vertical through cutting edge knowledge and its application would benefit immensely from the certification. There are no prerequisites for taking this course.


Exam & Certification

CHRMP is validated with the best-in-the-world-testing standards, delivered in partnership with Mercer Mettl. The CHRMP BEI certification exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions to be answered in 60 minutes. The questions are a mix of conceptual and practical case study type.



One can take the exam at any designated Mercer Mettl Center or via web proctored in the comfort of one’s own home.


Upon passing in the examination successfully, you will receive a Digital Certificate and a Digital Badge through Accredible, verified and secured with Blockchain technology. (see sample)

Digital Badge

Showcase your program accomplishment with a Blockchain secured and verified digital badge on professional networking sites to gain better visibility.

You Also Get…

High-Quality Video Resources

1 Months Free CHRMP CPD Membership

Alumni Testimonials

Blended & Flexible Learning Options

Distance and location are not a constraint for you to earn your CHRMP credentials. Experience learning from the convenience of your home, and take your CHRMP examination at home via web proctoring. Also have the option of taking the certification exam in your city, while attending sessions in some of our select training locations.

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Self-Paced Platform Walkthrough

Watch this video to get an overview of what the self-paced learning environment looks like. This is what you will see once you have enrolled in the self-paced programme.


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