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CHRMP Foundation / Associate

The CHRMP Foundation Certification Course in HR is tailored for HR beginners. Validate your skills in managing diverse HR functions, including employee relations, recruitment, training, and compliance. Acquire the essential proficiency to implement best practices, develop policies, and address evolving HR challenges. Elevate your HR knowledge and contribute effectively to organizational success.

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Key Highlights

Entering the dynamic HR industry may seem daunting. CHRMP Foundation is designed to help you strengthen your grasp on key HR competencies through rigorous training and validation. Create your space in the industry with a practical course driven by passion and experience. Enjoy a comprehensive learning experience that leaves you ready for the real world.
Gain a Global Certification validated by Mercer Mettl, establishing proof of competency
Digital Certificate through Accredible, verified and secured with Blockchain technology​
Unlimited access to CHRMP Foundation Certification course for 1 year
Practical learning from industry professionals and consultants to Fortune 100 companies
Comprehensive learning experience through self-paced, high quality(4K) learning modules
Weekly live sessions to clarify topics and ensure two-way communication (optional)
Take the exam from the comfort of your home via web proctoring.
Complimentary access to career resources to assist with job search and career growth
Belong to a network of credential holders from over 60+ countries

Course Description

Certified Human Resource Management Professional (CHRMP) – Foundation course is a comprehensive HR certification program with a wide spectrum coverage of core HR concepts and emphasis on their practical applications.

Job Search Assistance

A solid HR foundation

CHRMP Foundation ensures that an HR Professional who is new to the HR domain has clarity on concepts, and develops practical skills to implement in the work-place. A solid foundation is essential to any structure, and with this certification, CHRMP Foundation graduates develop the confidence and the ability to carry out HR processes, and have a clear, insightful understanding of HR systems. We believe in shaping future HR leaders by ensuring that our graduates gain an upper hand and stand out from the crowd.
Globally Recognised, Locally Relevant

Globally Recognised, Locally Relevant

Through in-depth and application-focused training, and testing at global standards, CHRMP Foundation gives you an all-rounded perspective of HR functions. This gives you a competitive edge and helps you stay ahead of your peers, both locally and internationally.We believe that CHRMP graduates have immense potential to leave a lasting mark on the HR industry and stand out as distinguished professionals.
Personal Development Modules

Competency-based learning design

CHRMP Foundation is designed using the principles of adult learning, instructional design, and experiential learning techniques. The course material is cutting-edge, future-oriented, and loaded with projects and activities. This enables you to build confidence in your abilities that are practically applicable. Focusing on individual learning styles, CHRMP Foundation Certification has a custom-built training methodology in order to build a competency-based understanding of HRM.
Post-certification on-the-job support

Post-certification on-the-job support

As a graduate, you can enjoy post-training support for one year. During this period, you will have unlimited access to the course materials and resources, both offline and online. CHRMP consultants and industry experts are also available for advice to help credential holders implement on-the-job projects. We pride ourselves on our extensive network, and graduates can also tap into the supportive global alumni community of CHRMP for networking and creating opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria

CHRMP programs are definitive, and the course design is unambiguous, making it very easy for the candidate to decide which program aptly fits their needs. Likewise, the eligibility criteria are also set to ensure participants are ready to meet the program’s challenges and pace.

The CHRMP Foundation HR certification program is recommended for fresh graduates and professionals making a transition to the domain of Human Resource Management. Undergraduates with work experience may also apply.

CHRMP Foundation is an HR certification that forms the stepping stone into the world of Human Resource Management. Therefore the aspiration to be actively engaged with the Human Resources of organizations is a prerequisite.

What You’ll Learn

  • Introduction to Job analysis.
  • Methods of Job analysis.
  • Sources of data.
  • Job data segregation.
  • Job descriptions and Job specifications.
  • Creation of Job descriptions and Job specifications.
  • Methods of Job Evaluation- Ranking Method, Classification Method, Factor Comparison
  • Implementing job evaluation
  • Analyzing and using Job evaluation data
  • Legal and ethical considerations
  • Job evaluation and organizational strategy
  • Sustainability and job evaluation
  • Organizational planning for recruitment. 
  • Staffing – workforce planning. 
  • Case study – manpower planning. 
  • Recruitment – concepts and strategies. 
  • Trends in recruitment 
  • Selection process 
  • Selection test design 
  • Standards and objectives
  • Reliability and validity
  • Introduction to key HR agreements / contracts
  • Offer letter
  • Appointment letter
  • Terms of employment
  • Bonds
  • Contracts and service agreements
  • Background verification
  • Joining formalities
  • Leave Management
  • Introduction to HR policies. 
  • Vision and value alignment in HR policies. 
  • Policy classification. 
  • Understanding of HR policies and procedures. 
  • Creation of HR policies. 
  • Structure of HR Policies. 
  • Most used HR Policies. 
  • Case discussion.
  • Introduction to employee engagement. 
  • Need for employee engagement. 
  • Factors affecting employee engagement. 
  • Meeting human needs through employee engagement. 
  • Understanding and measuring absenteeism. 
  • Understanding and measuring attrition.  
  • Employee engagement surveys. 
  • Employee engagement and other functions in HR
  • DNA of training – KSA
  • Stages of Skill Development
  • Types of learning programs
  • Approaches to training
  • ADDIE Model(An introduction to the phases)
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation (Criteria of evaluation, Methods and Kirkpatrick’s Model)
  • Keyword Search Mastery for Recruiters
  • Boolean Search Techniques
  • LinkedIn as a Recruitment Tool
  • Data Analytics in Hiring
  • Compliance and Ethical Considerations
  • Statutory compliance 
  • Non Statutory compliance 
  • Payroll, 
  • Gross salary 
  • Basic, 
  • DA 
  • HRA, 
  • P.F ESI Gratuity 
  • Standard Deduction 
  • Bonus LTA 
  • Professional Tax Income Tax 
  • Tax slabs and exemption
  • CTC based salary slip

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Exam & Certification

CHRMP is validated with the best-in-the-world-testing standards, delivered in partnership with Mercer Mettl. The certification exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions to be answered in 90 minutes. The questions are a mix of conceptual and practical case study type.


Take the exam from the comfort of your home via web proctoring.

Foundation Certificate


Upon passing the examination successfully, you will receive a Digital Certificate and a Digital Badge through Accredible, verified and secured with Blockchain technology. (see sample)

Digital Badge​

Showcase your program accomplishment with a Blockchain secured and verified digital badge on professional networking sites to gain better visibility.

Alumni Testimonials

Flexible Learning Options

Distance and location are not a constraint for you to earn your CHRMP credentials. Learn at your own pace and give the examination from the comfort of your home.

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Self-Paced Platform Walkthrough

Watch this video to get an overview of what the self-paced learning environment looks like. This is what you will see once you have enrolled in the self-paced programme.


Frequently Asked Questions

The CHRMP Foundation certification equips new HR professionals with a clear understanding of HR concepts and practical skills for workplace application. Just as a solid foundation is crucial for any structure, this certification helps graduates develop confidence and competence in executing HR processes and understanding HR systems thoroughly. This course takes you through the basics of key HR areas such as Job Analysis, HR Operations, HR Policies,Learning and Development, Job Evaluation and many more. Our goal is to mold future HR leaders, ensuring our graduates have a competitive edge and distinct presence in the field.


The CHRMP Foundation is an HR certification that serves as an entry point into Human Resource Management. As such, a strong desire to engage actively with an organization’s Human Resources is essential.

The CHRMP Foundation HR certification program is recommended for fresh graduates and professionals making a transition to the domain of Human Resource Management. Undergraduates with work experience may also apply.

There are 9 areas or modules covered in this course out of which 7 are core ones and 2 are additional value added modules.


Core Modules:

  1. Job Analysis
  2. Talent Acquisition
  3. Hr Operations
  4. HR Policies
  5. Employee Engagement
  6. Learning and Development
  7. Job Evaluation


Add on Modules:

  1. Hiring Tools
  2. C&B India Payroll

You will be able to access the resources of your course for upto a year after enrollment.

Yes, you can access the resources for upto a year, even after successfully clearing the examination.

You will receive your certificate 10 days after successful completion of the examination. 

Yes, you will have to successfully clear the examination at the end of the course in order to receive a certificate. 

You can sit for the examination from the comfort of your own home via web proctoring. 

We do customize the session duration on special requests. Please speak to our team if you have any such specific requests, and we can discuss having a schedule that suits you.

We do help you build your resume. We do provide placement assistance by sharing interview opportunities as and when it comes. We also have active Whatsapp groups where our alumni frequently share job openings that you can benefit from. Many of our participants have been able to place themselves using these social media groups.

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