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HR Certifications that Drive Business Impact

Provide your HR Team Members with a modern learning and certification experience that they would love. CHRMP provides not just training, but also testing and validation of skills through a Mercer Mettl certification. So, you can be assured that they will indeed pick up the skills you want them to.

What we offer

The HR department managing the human capital plays a vital role in any organisation . While the importance of HRs cannot be overemphasized, it is often not given its due credit in strategic decision-making within organisations. An HR department must really optimise and respond to all organisational challenges in order to be considered efficient and effective.

A seat at the table

Organizational excellence is driven by the departments that can produce maximum business results. Since HR professionals sometimes find it difficult to demonstrate direct business impact, this leads to a lack of representation of the HR department at the decision-making tables. A well informed team of HR professionals capable of offering solutions based on data would ensure that they become strategic partners in organisational decision making.

Engaged HR Teams

An effective HR department should create positive employee experience and ensure that the workforce is actively engaged. A positive employee experience not only has a direct implication on the customer experience but also overall productivity and business profitability.

Smoother HR functioning

The HR department takes on several responsibilities which are essential to the organization. The smooth functioning of the HR department results in operational efficiency for the organisation. An HR department having streamlined processes and functionalities is a backbone of people success in organisations resulting in optimized performance.
Change Management

Efficient Change Management

Organizations are dynamic in nature and constantly evolve to changing situations. A key function of the HRs is to ensure that any change is adapted and adopted in the right spirit by the numerous people in the organisation. Various stakeholders like the employees, senior management, vendors etc must all be aligned to these changes and HR department plays a pivotal role in bringing everyone on the common platform.


Enhance the credentials of your HR Teams.
Upskill and sharpen the competencies of the HR department
Establish performance enhancing practices and systems
Engage in best practices of the HR domain

CHRMP Competency Model and Framework

CHRMP Competency Model and Framework

The CHRMP Competency Framework based on the CHRMP Competency Model has the following areas which have been divided into 3 levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Job Analysis
Competency Mapping
Talent Acquisition
Behavioural Event Interviewing
HR Operations
HR Policies
Employee Engagement
Learning & Development
Performance Management
Compensation & Benefit Planning

Custom Course Development

When your HR Team is skilled with cutting edge competencies and best practices in HR, the entire organisation benefits from this. Investment in training and development of employees is important from an organization’s perspective and we understand this need. We offer training programs customised to your organisation’s requirements which will be instrumental in generating best possible outcome by the team.

Initial Consultation

This helps in assessing the learning needs of the organization , allowing you to set goals and objectives accordingly.

Programme Design

We custom design the training programs on the basis of the inputs received from you which specifically cater to your organisation’s learning needs.


The competency based trainings are delivered by industry professionals who are consultants to Fortune 500 organisations. The pedagogy focuses on real skills, which are immediately transferrable to the workplace.


Evaluation of training effectiveness at various levels of the Kirkpatrick model is done to assess if the learning objectives set in the beginning are met.

Support and Follow-Up

Continuous implementation of the skills learnt is essential to ensure that the training was effective, and we offer on-going support wherever necessary.

Why choose CHRMP?

As a brand, we look to enable HR Professionals across the industry, offering competency-based training to develop practical knowledge. Our team is driven by a passion for providing an industry-oriented learning experience, that will build confidence in your HR abilities. This is what you are choosing when your choice is CHRMP:

Global recognition through a globally validated certificate

Development of robust competencies which achieve real, practical outcomes

Credentials that will put you apart from the crowd

Access to an extensive network of HR Professionals

Display of commitment to your HR career

Quality sessions with industry experts and consultants to fortune 100 companies

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