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Coronavirus Pandemic Resources for HR Professionals

HR Policy for the Coronavirus Pandemic

To help HR professionals with this, we have composed an HR policy template to make it easier to deal with the new normal. We hope it speeds up your organisation’s response time to the unique situation we find ourselves in. You can use this policy as is, or tweak it to suit your unique requirements.

Webinar on HRM and the Coronavirus Crisis

In this webinar, we discuss the current issue of Novel Coronavirus and the precautionary measures that an HR professional can take for the well-being of the organisation and its employees. We also discuss how different organisations have responded to this crisis and what the future of work and HR could look like.

Webinar on Coronavirus: Keeping safe the right way

CHRMP Team invited Dr Vivek Baliga for this webinar to spread awareness on Corona Virus and preventive measures. Dr. Vivek Baliga is a consultant physician and cardiologist with a special interest in the management of diabetes and heart disease. He is the director of Baliga Diagnostics Pvt Ltd and proprietor of HeartSense.

Webinar on Learning Continuity Planning

In this webinar, we find out how to continue to meet learning outcomes in an uncertain environment. Its highlight pressing needs and challenges and impact created for L&D professionals and HR departments by the current pandemic. We also discuss how to keep employees engaged through virtual learning.