If you are a fresh graduate

  • Complete Overview: CHRMP gives you a quick and thorough overview of various HR Functions
  • Real-world Skills: CHRMP prides itself in absolute practical skills being imparted – you get a peek into the real world
  • Job Ready: A number of MBA graduates in HR join the CHRMP course to get deployable, ready to use skills
  • Placement Assistance: A dedicated career counselor helps you get a job to match your profile (We have placed 163 people in January – March, 2011)
  • Great Start: CHRMP is the best way to start your career in HR – you begin your career with thorough grounding in concepts, including real world exposure to IT in HR
  • Updated Knowledge: CHRMP has been designed by Ripples Learning, a leading organization in the field of Organizational Learning and HRD Consulting. You have access to the latest cutting edge skills in the dynamic world of HR.
  • Excellent Facilitators: You learn from the experienced facilitators of Ripples Learning. These are the same facilitators who regularly conduct training programs for the corporate world, including Fortune 500 companies.