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Today’s globalised economy has revamped the entire industry-market scenario. As a part of these changes, the domain of HR has grown from an auxiliary role to that of a transformational one. From personnel management activities like leave, attendance and adherence to statutory compliances, Human Resource Management now serves as the vital bloodstream through which critical processes like talent acquisition, learning and development, performance management, compensation strategies, employee engagement, talent management, assessment centres, competency mapping and organisational development flow.  Human Resource professionals today solve problems like attrition, absenteeism, enhancing productivity, improving quality, saving cost, managing complex projects and ensuring smooth functioning of an organisation. Human Resource processes have evolved from task, to skill and now to competency based processes.

The CHRMP advantage

The sheer speed of change has rendered the traditional avenues of academic education insufficient to meet the growing needs of the industry. Industry developed CHRMP certification meets the increasing demand for certified professionals with flexible and practical HR solutions rather than theoretical and academic constructs. CHRMP certification programs bridge the gap between present-day industry requirements and competencies of HR professionals, providing comprehensive know-how in the entire gamut of human resource management.

The CHRMP way

CHRMP courses are beyond mere coneptual sessions; the training is rigorous with highly interactive sessions involving case studies, group discussions, in-class projects and simulations.

Our trainers are HR industry professionals with real-life experience and insights. We have HR generalists who have a comprehensive understanding of the entire function and specialists who have in-depth knowledge and experience in one specific area within the HR domain

Subsequent to the training, the certification process is rigorous to ensure highest standards of HR proficiency


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We have different levels of Certification we offer to participants based on their profile. Compare courses to which suits you the best or call our Learning Advisor to guide you.

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Why HR Certification?

The Certified Human Resource Management Professional certificate helps you be the transformational HR professional organization aspire to have. It is a testimony to your knowledge, skill & competence in the Human Resource domain. Our processes, content and systems have been validated by ISO 9001:2008 & competency based curriculum makes this certification Globally Recognized.

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