If you are looking to transition into an HR Career

  • Crash Course: The CHRMP Certification would help you get quickly acquainted with various aspects of HR
  • Functional Skills: When you pick up a book on HR or aspire for a degree, you enter a world of theory and concepts. CHRMP provides you with an excellent conceptual framework but is grounded in real world functional skills which allow you to hit the ground running
  • Career Change Assistance: You might want to move out of your existing field of IT, Admin, Marketing or Sales etc. Or maybe you took a career break and are eager to get back to work and change your field. Our CHRMP Coaches have assisted hundreds of professionals like you – changing careers or returning to work
  • Updated Knowledge: CHRMP has been designed by Ripples Learning, a leading organization in the field of Organizational Learning and HRD Consulting. You have access to the latest cutting edge skills in the dynamic world of HR.
  • Excellent Facilitators: You learn from the experienced facilitators of Ripples Learning. These are the same facilitators who regularly conduct training programs for the corporate world, including Fortune 500 companies.