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CHRMP Tableau for HR Professionals

CHRMP offers Tableau training as Tableau is a leader in analytics, data visualisation, and business intelligence platforms. CHRMP identifies it as a key tool in HR Analytics, as it is preferred as a reporting tool across the globe. The certification, which is tailored to HR professionals, will establish skills in building interactive Tableau dashboards and learning data visualisation and storytelling for enhanced communication. It will bring about an understanding of the power of this tool in HR activities in the industry today.

Key Highlights

Gain a Global Certification validated by Mercer Mettl, establishing proof of competency
Verified and Blockchain secured Digital badge commanding greater professional visibility
Unlimited access to CHRMP Tableau Certification for one year
Secure an upper-hand in HR analytics and human capital decision-making
Take the exam at the nearest Mercer Mettl center or from your home via web proctoring
Be part of an elite group of HR professionals who engage in data-driven HR
Practical learning from industry professionals and consultants to Fortune 100 companies
Complimentary access to career resources to assist with job search and career growth
Develop practical skills and implement it in a Capstone project
CHRMP Tableau Training & Certification is a comprehensive understanding of Tableau, a tool that looks to optimise the use of data and data analytics. The course emphasizes on its use, its tools, and how an HR professional can utilise it to incorporate evidence-based HR practices in organisations.

Learning Outcome

Use Tableau as a tool to effectively analyse data
Apply analytics to solve various business challenges
Appreciate the significance of data in Human Resource
Use dashboards to tell stories that can sell to the business heads
Optimise data visualisation and analysis
Enhance communication through storytelling
Understanding and using people analytics

Intended Audience

This course is designed specifically for HR Professionals who are interested in learning new tools & technologies in Human Resource Management. It is for professionals who aim at making a huge difference in how things operate and HR data is presented or visualised within an organisation.


  • Introduction to Tableau 
  • Connecting to Excel Files
  • The Input Step
  • The Cleaning Step
  • Group and Replace
  • The Profile Pane
  • The Pivot Step
  • The Aggregate Step
  • The Join Step
  • The Union Step
  • The Output Step
  • Tableau Prep
  • Conductor
  • Creating and Removing
  • Hierarchies
  • Bins
  • Parameters
  • Set and Combined Sets
  • Grouping
  • Creating First Report
  • Data Labels
  • Create Folders
  • Sorting Data
  • Add Totals, Sub
  • Totals, and Grand
  • Totals to Report
  • Joining Tables
  • Data Blending
  • Table and Crosstab
  • Report
  • Annotations
  • Filters Introduction
  • Quick Filters
  • Filters on Dimensions
  • Conditional Filters
  • Top and Bottom
  • Filters
  • Filters on Measures
  • Context Filters
  • Data Source Filters
  • Extract Filters
  • Tableau Table Calculations
  • Calculated Fields
  • Create Table Calculations 
  • Introduction to Charts 
  • Area Chart 
  • Bar Chart 
  • Bubble Chart 
  • Heat map 
  • Line Chart 
  • Pie Chart 
  • Scatter Plot 
  • Stacked Bar Chart 
  • Dual Lines Chart
  • Funnel Chart 
  • Symbol Map
  •  Dual Axis Reports 
  • Blended Axis 
  • Individual Axis 
  • Reference Lines 
  • Reference Bands and Distributions
  • Basic Maps 
  • Symbol Map
  • Dashboard Objects 
  • Create a Dashboard 
  • Format Dashboard Layout 
  • Create a Device Preview of a Dashboard 
  • Create Filters on Dashboard 
  • Exploring the creation of a set of dashboards based on the use cases.
  • Create a Story 
  • Storyboard objects 
  • Format Storyboard Layout

Exam & Certification

CHRMP is validated with the best-in-the-world-testing standards, delivered in partnership with Mercer Mettl. CHRMP Tableau for HR Exam is made up of 50 multiple-choice questions to be answered at a Mercer Mettl center for 60 minutes.


The certification exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions to be answered in 60 minutes. The questions are a mix of conceptual and practical case study type. One can take the exam at any designated Mercer Mettl Center or via web proctored in the comfort of one’s own home.


Upon passing in the examination successfully, you will receive a Digital Certificate and a Digital Badge through Accredible, verified and secured with Blockchain technology.


Flexible Learning Options

Distance and location are not a constraint for you to earn your CHRMP credentials. Learn from the convenince of your home and take the certification exam in your city or attend sessions in some of our select training locations for classroom training and certification exam.

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Academy Platform Walkthrough

Watch this video to get an overview of what the academy environment looks like. This is what you will see once you have enrolled in the self-paced programme.


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