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HR Training Course in Islamabad

CHRMP offers a variety of online HR courses in a range of comprehensive modules that enable you to learn the skills needed to become an accomplished HR professional who can handle any situation with confidence.

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Pakistan’s capital and economic hub, Islamabad is a beautiful and prosperous city. It is in the northern region of the country with a population of over one million people. Islamabad has grown from being a small settlement to become the third-largest city in Pakistan. The city was founded in 1960. And its name comes from a combination of two words: Islam, which means peace, and Abad, which means city.

A big advantage for Islamabad is that many government buildings are based there, meaning that it benefits from strong trade links and increased employment because of international demand. This also means that it has some great facilities like excellent restaurants, hotels, education facilities, health services, etc.



Islamabad is an area with a diverse economy because of its location between China and India. The city has an airport which helps in bringing in foreign investment from these countries and different parts of Asia. The airport also plays a major role in exporting natural resources like marble, granite, salt and other minerals that are mined locally in Islamabad’s hilly areas.

There are many multinational companies that have their headquarters in Islamabad, including Unilever, Nestle, FedEx Express, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Coca-Cola Company

Need For HR Professionals

With a booming economy and new industries coming up, there is a high demand for HR professionals. However, because of the lack of qualified personnel, the need for HR certification becomes even more important.

HR training is essential for HR professionals in Islamabad. It helps them to secure better jobs, promotions, and recognition for their skills.

In order to be competitive in the job market, human resource professionals must be qualified and have additional certifications in the HR field. Besides a degree, HR professionals can pursue certifications in HR specialization that will give them an edge over the rest of the workforce.

HR professionals provide leadership and best-practices guidance to organizations regarding recruitment, staffing, compensation, HR Analytics benefits, training and development. Often they are involved with developing company policies relating to labour law and work/life balance issues as well.

HR Practices

CHRMP HR Institutes

CHRMP is one of the leading providers of HR training online around the world. The network of CHRMP alumni spans across the globe. Courses offered at our HR training institutes cover different areas and frameworks of Human Resources. Whether you are a recent college graduate or an experienced HR professional, we offer HR training courses that will keep you on top of the HR industry. Our CHRMP foundation course in HR can help jump-start your HR career, while our HR Analytics certification can help veterans advance their careers. One can opt for many specializations depending on their need and interest.

HR Certification Courses in Islamabad – Duration and Other Details


HRBP Advanced

Durations : 3 Months
Blended Learning
Mid Career 
hr analytics

HR Analytics

Durations : 3 Months
Blended Learning

CHRMP Foundation

Durations : 3 Months
Blended Learning
Early Career 


Durations : 1 Month
Blended Learning
Competency Mapping

Competency Mapping

Durations : 1 Month
Blended Learning

CHRMP C&B Planning

Durations : 1 Month
Blended Learning

CHRMP Talent Acquisition

Durations : 1 Month
Blended Learning

Talent Development

Durations : 1 Month
Blended Learning

Continuing Professional Development

CPD members receive exclusive professional development, networking, and mentoring opportunities. To stay current on the latest HR trends, we regularly update our CPD resources.

He has an experience of over 14 years in L& D and has trained more than 5000 HR professionals. He has delivered learning intervention for employees of organizations like ITC, Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, Dell, CISCO and many more organizations.
Abhishek Kumar
He is known for his engaging, high-energy, humorous style and the ability to make learning fun. And has trained more than 12,000 individuals in the past 8 years.
Veronica Maria
She has an extensive background in HR, with over 4 years in training. And is responsible for learning delivery and client relation experience.
Kalpana Jha
With over 8 years of experience in HR Recruitments, Training & Development.She has worked with Companies like Fujitsu Consulting, Oracle, JP Morgan.
R. Maithili
She has more than 17 years of experience in core training and development.She has led the training function at Perot Systems, HDFC Standard Life and Foster Wheeler International.
Nupur Deep

A Certified L & D Professional, accredited by International Accreditation Organization, Houston, Texas, USA.She has an experience of over 9 years in core Learning & Development and is known for her high energy and engaging sessions.

sunny suman

He has a PG in HRDM, from Christ University Bangalore.And has over half a decade of experience into content development, recruitment and learning delivery.

Dishaa Singhal

Dishaa is a facilitator and a consultant who is passionate about organizational and personal effectiveness. In the past 17+ years, Dishaa has imparted learning to professionals from diverse backgrounds.

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CHRMP Academy Walkthrough

An overview of self-paced learning can be seen in the video. This is what your journey will be like after enrolling in the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, anyone who is a graduate can choose this program.

The certification exam would consist of many assessment tests. These tests would be conducted throughout the workshop, after the completion of each module in the curriculum. Also, there would be a final certification exam after all your classes are over. You can choose any date for this final certification exam within a month from the date your classes are over.

We do have specially designed self-paced courses with high quality 4K resolution video lectures. These videos can be watched by participants at their own pace and availability. The videos are followed by self-assessment questions for the participants to test their understanding of the topic shared in the video.

As we have partnered with Mercer Mettl, you get the flexibility to choose the examination centre in your city wherever you are comfortable. The test can be taken in any of the 180 countries at more than 5600 centers.

Our trainers have consulted many of the top global organizations and have worked on setting up processes like; Learning & Development, Employee Relations, Performance Management and Recruitment & Selection. They have a thorough idea about all the HR processes in the organizations. You can also click the link , to read the detailed profiles of our facilitators.

We do customize the session duration on special requests. Please speak to our team if you have any such specific request and we can discuss to have a schedule that suits you.

Once you clear the exam it usually takes seven to ten days to get your certificate ready.

Right now, we only support English as the language for the certification exam.

Yes, you must clear the exam with the requisite minimum percentage to.

We do help you building your resume. We do provide placement assistance by sharing interview opportunities as and when it comes. We also have active Whatsapp groups where our alumni frequently share job openings that you can benefit from. Many of our participants have been able to place themselves using these social media groups.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered as well. Please speak to our team and they would provide complete details regarding how you can get certified without attending classes. You can do self-study and directly appear for the certification exam to get certified.

You would receive all the support that you require not only to finish the classes but also to clear the exam. And even after the exam the facilitators would be available to provide consistent guidance and mentoring whenever necessary.

We provide you with a demo session and expect you to pay after you are completely satisfied. Therefore, we don’t entertain a refund of the amount once paid.

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