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CHRMP is a world leader in online HR training, offering the best and most up to date courses available. Our courses can be taken online and can be accessed whenever it is convenient for you.

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Bangladesh is a country in South Asia. It has one of the widest delta regions, the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta. Bangladesh has a long coastline along the Bay of Bengal in its south that provides access to countries like India and Myanmar. Bangladesh can be accessed through two land borders – with India on the west and Myanmar on the east.

Bangladesh became independent from Pakistan in 1971 following a war that led to the death of 3 million people, creating 10 million refugees for both nations, and leaving East Pakistan as one nation called Bangladesh.



In spite of having a low per capita GDP, Bangladesh has rapidly grown in recent years. Bangladesh is a developing country and its economy is largely dependent on the textile and garment industry.

The majority of Bangladesh’s exports (about 80%) are textile goods, making it the world’s second-largest exporter of clothes after China. 

Bangladesh has grown significantly in recent years. The country’s GDP growth reached 6.8% in 2018, making it one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

The Bangladesh economy is largely driven by exports to foreign countries. The country’s main export products are textiles, ready-made garments, and sports goods for the apparel and footwear industries. Other major exports include rice, jute, tea and shrimp.

Need For HR Training Institutes and HR Certification Courses

The human resource departments are recruiting to meet the demand for jobs on the market. The skills, training and knowledge of HR Analytics make HR professionals highly sought after. Bangladesh has a growing demand for HR professionals due to its rapid economic growth and expansion of its workforce and companies operating there. To be part of this fast-paced advancement, you should obtain an HR certification from the best HR training institutes like CHRMP, which offers online HR related courses.

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CHRMP Online HR Classes in Bangladesh & HR Certification

A number of renowned HR institutes are located in Bangladesh. These institutes offer HR certifications in HR related courses. Human resources professionals must acquire HR certifications in order to succeed. In order to meet this need, several HR institutes are offering HR certifications. CHRMP is one such internationally acclaimed institution. 

HR training programs we offer online include recruitment and selection, behavioural event interviewing, learning and development, talent development, performance management, employee relations, HR operations, compensation and benefits planning, competency mapping, and HR analytics. We explore these topics through case studies, scenarios, examples, and project-based learning.

Trending HR Courses in Bangladesh

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Blended Learning
Duration: 60 Hours
14 Modules + Capstone Projects
Blended Learning
Duration: 65 Hours
13 Modules + Capstone Projects
Blended Learning
Duration: 65 Hours
13 Modules + Capstone Projects

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What Makes CHRMP HR Certifications The Most In Demand HR Training Course

Gain a Global Certification validated by Mercer Mettl, establishing proof of competency
Digital Certificate through Accredible, verified and secured with Blockchain technology​
Unlimited access to HRBP Advanced Certification course for 1 year
Practical learning from industry professionals and consultants to Fortune 100 companies
Comprehensive learning experience through self-paced, high quality(4K) learning modules
Weekly live sessions to clarify topics and ensure two-way communication (optional)
Take the exam from your home via web proctoring
Complimentary access to career resources to assist with job search and career growth
Belong to a network of credential holders from over 58+ countries

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