How Should Organisations Deal with Young Millennials

How Should Organisations Deal with Young Millennials’ talks about a young, intelligent and evolving generation.

It also describes what steps organisations can take to evolve with this highly enthusiastic generation.

We discuss below, how human resource and management, may implement strategies and techniques, to engage young millennials in their organisations.

An organisation view on working with young millennials.

Young Millennials, as it seems are commanding changes in organisations.

These are evolving into millennial-centric organizations, hence, creating various paths and motivation techniques for young millennial employees to progress.

It becomes increasingly imperative for organizations to change, in order to meet the needs and demands of this evolving workforce.

However, organisations may still mind; ‘what is necessary to develop into a brand’, they seem fit?

Organisations claim that despite spending large sums on training and improvising, the younger generation is not loyal and just won’t stick around.

While this may be the fact, it is mandatory for organisations, to continue improvising and innovating techniques to educate and keep young millennials busy.

Workplace satisfaction may matter more to the millennials than monetary compensation. Work-life balance is often considered essential for them.

A large no of young millennials are knowledgeable, tech savvy, collaborative and quick learners.

The internet and digital learning have made it convenient, for young millennials to possess the gift of knowledge, learning and connectivity at their fingertips.

Thus, making it even more convenient for an organisation, to make time for other activities, which may improvise the well-being of young millennials.

Engaging young millennials in an organisation

Human resources play a major role in implementing fun activities in organisations on a regular basis.

Engaging young millennials into activities such as Zumba, role playing activities -simulating work-life situations, outbound activities, social causes etc; are a few solutions to keep young millennials engaged in an organisation.

The learning and development department, of an organisation, may implement training or coaching sessions on life skills, soft skills, technical skills, behavioral skills etc.

It is essential for organisations to understand that, although, some employees may leave, there are others, who will find it a great place to work.

However, if the organisation has a continuous improvement strategy in place, it may meet the needs of the young millennials.

Young Millennial's Motivating Young Millennial's
Photographer: Jaime Lopes | Source: Unsplash

Dealing with employees after they leave the organisation

Young millennials may leave the organisation for various reasons.

It may be in the best interest of the organisation to call the employees back, after 3-6 months. At this point of time, they may be told that, if they wish to have their job back, the job is theirs.

How a young millennial made it big in the corporate world

Organisations may look at recruiting young millennials, using a more positive and innovative approach.

Incident at organisation X: (Reference: Creating Resilient Organisations, book by Charles Elvin and Doug Strycharczyk)

‘Organisation X’ recruited a 19-year-old to join the operations team.

What struck us from the first was her ability to grasp quickly what we had considered moderately complicated systems.

It was only a matter of days, not weeks or months before she had mastered these systems.

Most were IT based – her IT skills were by previous standards frighteningly good.

However, what came next, really surprised us.

She had been with us for about six weeks, when she approached us, to speak about her thoughts on our systems, particularly our customer relationship management system.

The new employee explained, how these could be improved entirely on her own initiative and presented us with ideas and suggestions.

She was given our support to research and identify the best options, which she identified carefully and presented to her colleagues who were all considerably more experienced than her.

We empowered her to implement the selected option.

Young Millennials Achieving Big
Photographer: Malcolm Lightbody | Source: Unsplash

There were several things that impressed us.

First, she had tuned into the business so quickly and that she possessed some intrinsic motivation.

We have in X an advantage: our work is, for most people, extremely interesting.

But our world is also complex, we deal with virtually every type of client imaginable across a wide range of applications.

It has not always proved easy to bring people on board, who can see the whole picture.

Second, that she had the confidence to come forward in this way.

Finally, she had a sense of continuous improvement and a sense of bringing about change.

Equally interesting was our reaction.

It was initially challenging to accept that someone so raw and inexperienced, could improve what we had taken years to build.


  • It may become mandatory for organisations to implement, change management, thus, making place for the well being of young millennials.
  • Human resources play a vital role in the implementation of innovative and varied learning, within the organisation. This is an important aspect to deal with young millennials.

The trend may be changing for recruiting, employee engagement and working with young millennials.

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