HR Training Course in Nigeria

HR Training Course in Nigeria

Nigeria is an oil rich country with plenty of natural resources. The Nigerian economy has been seeing positive changes in the last few years. Since the last two decades Nigeria has been making the walk up the incline to regain its economic and political stability.

In this endeavour, Nigeria has made great progress with substantial increase in their GDP and international purchasing power. The unemployment figures have gone down and contributions from service sectors have increased thereby reducing the country’s dependence on the oil industry.

The last two decades have seen the birth and growth of the telecommunications sector, entertainment industry and other service sectors. National revenue heavily relied on the oil sector but due to the steady increase in privatisation, the efficiency of all the various business sectors is improving at a fast pace.

These tremendous changes in the last 20 years have seen the need for the following:

  • Fresh graduates and post graduates who have just finished their education
  • Professionals who have experience in other domains but would like to make a transition into the field of HR

HR training courses in Nigeria are in great demand as professionals seek to improve their skills and get their skills validated to make most of the opportunities presented by the market. HR training courses in Nigeria must provide a holistic perspective of HR and must help learners understand international benchmarks and standards, specially now since they economy is opening up to more and more foreign investors.

One of the most acclaimed HR training courses in Nigeria is the CHRMP suite of certification programs. CHRMP courses are internationally recognised and validated by the industry. The CHRMP HR training courses in Nigeria follows a style similar to the CHRMP HR training courses in Dubai and Malaysis, where the various disciplines of HR, like Talent Acquisition, Compensation and Benefits, Talent Retention, Performance management, Competency based HR systems, Balanced Scorecard, etc. are addressed with practical case studies, scenarios, examples and action learning projects.

CHRMP HR training courses in Nigeria

  • CHRMP Foundation Course
  • CHRMP Fellowship program
  • CHRMP Advance
  • CHRMP Practitioner

HR Certification Courses in Bangalore – Eligibility, Duration and other details

Eligibility UG/PG(other than HR) Experience PG (in HR)
Level Level 1 Level 2
Duration 4 to 6 Weeks 6 to 12 Weeks
More details Click here Click here
Online Available Yes Yes

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