Seven Suggestions for Effective Technical Writing

Effective technical writing is a very important facet in modern day world, as, technology and technical issues are prevailing every where.

1. Importance of technical writing

We can not live without technology in modern day world. Technical writing helps the modern day world in the following manner.

  • It helps in dissemination of knowledge to researchers, scholars and also to the public in general.
  • It helps the common man to relate better with the new products, and services, launched in the market. In that way, it creates a friendly environment.

That is why the truth should be the main element of technical writing.

In commercial world, so many false claims are being made for the newly developed products and services.

We should exercise caution while dealing with them.

2.Why a scientist must be proficient in technical writing

Scientists or researchers are the ones who discover new things. They may not be able to communicate their findings and or research results effectively unless they are proficient in technical writing.

Hence, they must know the art of an effective writing in technical field.

3. Why technical writing is important to business

Business houses have to publicize their products and services to the public in general, for which technical writing is a must. This is the reason why “technical writers” profession is booming in advanced countries.

4.Seven suggestions for effective technical writing

Till now, we have dealt in great detail, almost every aspect of technical writing through the blogs, published by us. We would request the readers to go through all of them.

We are furnishing seven suggestions, in concrete and precise way, for effective technical writing.

1. Collect the entire material before writing the technical report.

This may consist of the following:

– Material from literature
– Results from the experimental work / investigation/ analysis.

2.Read entire material critically before writing the report.

Technical writing - Read carefully
Photographer: Chris Benson | Source: Unsplash

3.Analyze the data for segregating “useful” and “not so useful information”.

4.Keep the audience/ readers in mind.

5.Organize the data

– Which data will be placed where?
– What data will be reported and or deleted; stated in which portion and its sequential classification/ distribution.

6.Choose appropriate words/ adequate vocabulary/ technical terminology / key words.

7. Write the technical report in one go and revise it after a few days, repeating the entire process as given above.

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