Tableau for HR Professionals

Master the Art of Data Visualization

Certification starting from 27th June, 2021

Tableau is a leader in analytics, data visualisation, and business intelligence platforms. CHRMP identifies it as a key tool in HR Analytics since it is a preferred reporting tool across the globe. The certification, which is tailored to HR professionals, will establish skills in building interactive Tableau dashboards and learning data visualisation and storytelling for enhanced communication. It will bring about an understanding of the power of this tool in HR activities in the industry today.
CHRMP Tableau Training & Certification is a comprehensive understanding of Tableau, a tool that looks to optimise the use of data and data analytics. The course emphasizes on its use, its tools, and how an HR professional can utilise it to incorporate evidence-based HR practices in organisations.
Tableau Dashboard
Use Tableau as a tool to effectively analyse data
Apply analytics to solve various business challenges
Business Head
Use dashboards to tell stories that can sell to the business heads
Data Visualization
Optimise data visualisation and analysis
Enhance communication through storytelling
Understanding and using people analytics
The certification will cover the following areas of Tableau
End your series with a Certification which will  validate your Tableau skills.

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