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CHRMP C&B Planning Certification Course

The CHRMP Compensation and Benefits (C&B) Planning Certification Course is meticulously designed for HR professionals looking to specialize in the crucial field of compensation and benefits. This certification is essential for those seeking to refine their expertise in developing, implementing, and managing effective compensation and benefits strategies within an organization.

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Key Highlights

Gain a Global Certification validated by Mercer Mettl, establishing proof of competency
Digital Certificate through Accredible, verified and secured with Blockchain technology.
Unlimited access to CHRMP C&B session recordings for 1 year
Practical learning from industry professionals and consultants to Fortune 100 companies
Belong to a network of credential holders from over 58 countries
Take the exam from your home via web proctoring
Complimentary access to career resources to assist with job search and career growth
Comprehensive learning experience through weekly, live, high-quality learning sessions

Course Description

Compensation and Benefits Planning is essential to an organisation and its workforce. It motivates employees to put their best foot forward, draws more employees to your organisation and retains existing talent. As HR Professionals, you are responsible for creating these plans and structures. Through our Certification, enhance your skills and draw out the best performance from your organisation.

Learning Outcomes

Gain insights into aligning C&B strategies with business objectives.
Balance the various equities impacting compensation planning.
Formulate strategies for reducing compensation turnover.
Identify how competencies get aligned with Job and assign points for a compensation decision
Understand how salary structures are aligned with Jobs to create Pay Parity
Understand and classify the various statutory compliances governing the salary structure
Create a CTC-based salary structure with a detailed breakdown of statutory compliances, income tax, and exemptions
Conduct Job Analyses in a scientific manner using various research methodologies.

Intended Audience

CHRMP Certification in C&B Planning certification program is designed for anyone who aspires to be actively engaged in the payroll process of the organization. Professionals desiring to fast track their careers in the Payroll vertical through cutting edge knowledge and its application would benefit immensely from the certification. There are no prerequisites for taking this course.


  • Introduction to Job Analysis
  • Methods of Job Analysis
  • Sources of data
  • Job data segregation
  • Job Descriptions and Job Specifications
  • Creation of Job Descriptions and Job Specifications
  • Methods of Job Evaluation- Ranking Method, Classification Method, Factor Comparison
  • Implementing Job Evaluation
  • Analyzing and Using Job Evaluation Data
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations
  • Job Evaluation and Organizational Strategy
  • Sustainability and Job Evaluation
  • Introduction to C&B planning 
  • Objectives of compensation planning
  • Designing compensation plans. 
  • Factors affecting C&B planning- Internal, External, Individual
  • Salary Surveys and emerging trends 
  • Optimisation of compensation  
  • Case study – Reduction of compensation turnover
  • Strategies for reducing compensation turnover 
  • Point plan method
  • Introduction to Compensation & Benefit analytics
  • Benchmarking and Market Positioning Strategies
  • Salary Structure Design and Analysis Techniques
  • Pay Equity Analysis Methods
  • Incentive and Bonus Structure Optimization
  • Benefits Utilization and Importance
  • Forecasting and Budgeting in Compensation Analysis Mastery
  • Most used Compensation metrics
  • Statutory compliance 
  • Non Statutory compliance 
  • Payroll, Gross salary 
  • Basic 
  • DA 
  • HRA, P.F 
  • ESI 
  • Gratuity 
  • Standard Deduction 
  • Bonus 
  • LTA 
  • Professional Tax 
  • Income Tax 
  • Tax slabs and exemptions 
  • CTC based salary slip
  • Data entry integrity and analysis
  • Advanced data visualization and reporting
  • Interactive data summarization techniques
  • Collaboration and data sharing
  • Efficiency and advanced excel operations

Exam & Certification

CHRMP is validated with the best-in-the-world-testing standards, delivered in partnership with Mercer Mettl. The CHRMP C&B Exam  consists of 50 multiple choice questions to be answered in 60 minutes. The questions are a mix of conceptual and practical case study type.



One can take the exam via web proctoring in the comfort of one’s own home.

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Upon passing in the examination successfully, you will receive a Digital Certificate and a Digital Badge through Accredible, verified and secured with Blockchain technology. (see sample)
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Digital Badge

Showcase your program accomplishment with a Blockchain secured and verified digital badge on professional networking sites to gain better visibility.

You Also Get…

High-Quality Video Resources

3 Months Free CHRMP CPD Membership

Alumni Testimonials

Blended and Flexible Learning Options

Distance and location are not a constraint for you to earn your CHRMP credentials. Learn from the convenience of your home and take the certification exam in your city or attend sessions in some of our select training locations for classroom training and certification exams.


Self-Paced Platform Walkthrough

Watch this video to get an overview of what the self-paced learning environment looks like. This is what you will see once you have enrolled in the self-paced programme.


Frequently Asked Questions

The CHRMP C&B Planning Certification is a program made to help HR professionals get better at managing compensation and benefits. It covers important topics like job analysis, job evaluation, and India payroll. This certification teaches skills that are crucial for handling these aspects of HR well.

The CHRMP C&B planning certification program is designed for anyone who aspires to be actively engaged with the Compensation & Benefits management vertical of the organisations and is aspiring to fast track their careers in the vertical through cutting edge knowledge and its application. Eligibility for this certification includes: HR Professionals , Payroll Executives/ Officers , HR Operations Managers , Sr. executive, C&B , HR Professionals managing Compensation , HR Generalists , HRBP Professionals, working along C&B COE , Anyone aspiring for a career in C&B.

The key modules covered in the CHRMP C&B planning Certification include:

Core Modules:

  • Job Analysis
  • Compensation & Benefit Planning
  • Compensation & Benefits Analytics
  • Compensation & Benefit India Payroll
  • Job Evaluation

Value-add Modules:

  • Excel for HRs


You will be able to access the resources of your course for upto a year after enrollment. 

Yes, you can access the resources for upto a year, even after successfully clearing the examination.

You will receive your certificate 10 days after successful completion of the examination. 

Yes, you will have to successfully clear the examination at the end of the course in order to receive a certificate. 

You can sit for the examination from the comfort of your own home via web proctoring. 

We do customize the session duration on special requests. Please speak to our team if you have any such specific requests, and we can discuss having a schedule that suits you.

We do help you build your resume. We do provide placement assistance by sharing interview opportunities as and when it comes. We also have active Whatsapp groups where our alumni frequently share job openings that you can benefit from. Many of our participants have been able to place themselves using these social media groups.

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