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Think of all the behaviors at work that contribute to an individual’s success. Dealing with people, teamwork, social situations, or building relationships, all of these are valuable behaviors that differentiate top performers from the others. The factor of success in all these behaviors is the result of an individual’s Emotional Intelligence. People with high Emotional intelligence are known to communicate better in difficult situations and are able to make better decisions for themselves, their peers and their organizations.
This 4 part series of CPD Masterclasses on “Emotional Intelligence” is focused on raising awareness about Emotional Intelligence and how it comes to play at the workplace. In this series, you will be able to increase your awareness about Emotional intelligence and allow self-evaluation on how you generally manage your emotions and respond to social or stress situations.
This 4 part CPD Members’ ONLY series will cover the following areas of Emotional Intelligence :

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About the Instructor

Celeste Dean is a Learning and Development Professional for over 18 years. She has expertise in Learning Project Management, UX Design, Learning Analytics and developing Digital Learning Solutions. She has worked with organizations like GE Capital, ADP India, Pearson and Emirates Airlines and consulted for Accenture, Bharti Airtel, Future Group, Deloitte and Intercontinental Hotels.

According to her, the process of learning and sharing learning is the most fulfilling part of being a human being. Apart from being an ardent L&D professional she is a budding permaculturist and a wildlife enthusiast.

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