HR Generalist Training Program

HR Generalist Training Program

Being a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ was a popular quote (and criticism), encouraging professionals to specialize in a particular field in order to have in-depth knowledge and mastery over one subject. These were the times of the Industrial age, prior to the Knowledge age where long years of experience in one particular area of work increased accuracy and speed, and in turn affected profitability. Back in those days, equipment had a long life and innovation was not a frequent occurrence. The machinery, process, and people remained the same, and time spent on a specific piece of work yielded efficiency.

With the advent of information technology, globalisation and innovation got embedded into the day-to-day activities and goals of corporations making change a part of everyday life. Large and small organisations started investing heavily in change through research, younger workforce, flexible policies, and a whole range of other talent management initiatives.

Human Resource professionals all over the world experienced this change, and need for dynamic work cultures. No longer could people work in silos, and no longer could we ask people to go to another table to get their Human Resource(HR) query resolved. It was no longer enough to be a specialist. More and more HR professional started looking for HR generalist training to be able to bridge the gap between their specialized area of work and the other functions within HR which they had never really had an opportunity to explore in the past.

HR departments are constantly faced with the need for all their team members to be well-versed with all the various functions, at least to a level where they can resolve simple queries, and will know whom to approach to resolve more complex ones that require expert advice. This explains the sudden surge in demand for HR generalist profiles, and hence HR generalist training.

CHRMP is an internationally acclaimed Human Resource certification and training company that offers a variety of HR generalist training programs to suit your goals, qualifications, experience, and potential. CHRMP courses are designed using cutting edge research and practical scenarios and case studies from the business itself.

The CHRMP certification program for HR generalist training comes in three different levels:

  • CHRMP Foundation Course
  • CHRMP Fellowship
  • CHRMP Advanced Course

Our Human Resource certification programs can be taken online too – CHRMP LIVE

HR Certification Courses in Bangalore – Eligibility, Duration and other details

Eligibility UG/PG(other than HR) Experience PG (in HR)
Level Level 1 Level 2
Duration 4 to 6 Weeks 6 to 12 Weeks
More details Click here Click here
Online Available Yes Yes

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