HR Analytics: The art of Data driven HR

In this Masterclass, you will learn how HR Analytics along with the strategic HRBP model is driving decision-making in organizations. You will understand the basics of people analytics & how it helps organizations solve business issues and problems.

You will also learn about strategies organizations are adopting to improve people processes and systems using evidence.

HR Analytics

Also, you will get deep insights into

The Dimensions of HR AnalyticsHRBP and HR Analytics The Maturity ModelModels of HR AnalyticsEvidence based HR practices Analytics driving Strategic HRMTalent Management AnalyticsApplying MetricsCase Discussion and activity 

Through the course of your learning, you will benefit from

An Immersive learning experience

Step 1

CHRMP looks to provide a learning experience that you cherish. The sessions are not just a deep dive into the domain but also impactful and memorable. Through high-quality video sessions, experienced speakers and facilitators, and an extensive updated resource hub for members, this immersive nature of our teaching will ensure clarity in your learning.

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Live sessions with Industry Experts

Step 2

Our sessions are conducted with experts of the industry, who have experience in the domain of HR. This gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge from consultants to Fortune 100 companies, and irrespective of your experience in the industry, there will be valuable takeaways for all.

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Engage in two-way interaction

Step 3

Our sessions are interactive in nature, allowing you to engage with industry experts, as well as other HR professionals. This brings about active debates and discussions about topics and results in clarity and sharing of practices within the community.

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Develop practically oriented skills

Step 4

CHRMP courses and certifications are driven by the motive of ensuring that our HR professionals are industry-ready. This can be achieved not just by imparting theoretical knowledge and practices, but also by ensuring that HR professionals have the confidence and ability to carry these out practically. Through in-class-projects and case discussions, you can gain these skills and build your confidence.

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Learn and adopt industry best practices

Step 5

The nature of the sessions ensures that through actively engaging with industry experts and other HR professionals, you are constantly updated about the latest developments of the industry and the practices that other professionals and organizations are engaging in through this active process.

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Collaborate and network

Step 6

We at CHRMP pride ourselves on our exclusive HR network, which is constantly growing. Community is an important part of CHRMP, and this community acts as a vital resource to those who are part of it. Through our sessions, you can engage, connect, and network within the HR community, and grow your knowledge base and your resource base.

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By end of the Masterclass, you will have comprehensive knowledge of how HR Analytics gets implemented in a vertical within Human Resource and you will know how good analysis and reporting can lead to Analytics and decision making.

About the Host

Animesh Rai is Director – Training and Certification for CHRMP (Certified Human Resource Management Professional). In an HR career spanning 17 years, Animesh has consulted with premier organizations in the world, including a number of Fortune 100 companies.

He has helped organizations design, develop and execute best practices across all domains of HR & have been vital in organizations restructuring their HR systems & processes. He is a Certified Learning and Development Professional and has trained over 8000 professionals from 41 different nationalities, ranging from Top Management to young executives.

He is a Graduate in Production Engineering from MIT & also done his Certification in Business Management & Entrepreneurship from University of Virginia.

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While you can enjoy our event with a one-time payment, we also would like you to consider our Premium Membership offer, which will definitely be worth your investment. With the Premium Membership offer, you can choose to be a part of our exclusive community, and access more than a hundred hours of previously recorded master-classes – all for a low monthly fee.


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Access to > 100 hours of past sessions and webinar recordingsAttend Weekly webinars on HRTech HR and soft skills remote sessions Access to our Alumni networkTemplates and policy frameworksAccess to updated Resource hubRegular events, conferences, and panel discussionsSpecial discount on CHRMP certification credentialsIndustry best practices sessionsPersonal Profile on our Academy


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1. What is CHRMP Academy Premium Membership?

CHRMP Academy Premium Membership is a special access to a wealth of HR learning resources – including 3 weekly sessions on HR-related topics and more than a hundred hours of recorded webinars on critical HR Topics. Members also get access to templates, policy documents, and resources they can use. Premium Membership also gives you access to an exclusive private network of dedicated HR Professionals who are passionate about HR.

2. What is the difference between Premium Membership and a Masterclass?

CHRMP Premium Membership is your pathway to ongoing professional development. Premium Membership provides a lot more value to an HR professional than a one-time masterclass. While a Masterclass will give you first-hand experience of what we offer, Premium Membership will ensure that you have access to all the future and all the past Masterclass recordings at an extremely affordable monthly payment. As our research is purely industry-based and constantly updated, you are assured that you are always at the cutting edge of your profession.

Only through the Premium Membership, an HR professional can access previous resources we have uploaded and access their regular updates. There are other benefits like access to an exclusive private network of dedicated professionals, creating a personal profile on the website, and connecting and networking with other HR professionals.

3. What is the difference between CHRMP Premium Membership and CHRMP Certification?

The Certifications help you earn credentials in the domain of HR, where your skills get validated through a rigorous training and assessment process, validated by Mercer Mettl. The Academy Premium Membership allows you to pursue a path of continuous professional development – as numerous resources like weekly webinars, online sessions on technology and behavioral topics, templates, policy forms, and advice from experts and peers become available. Premium Membership also allows you to create your personal profile and build a network of relationships in the community.

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