12 Upcoming Trends In Human Resource Management

Human resource management is an extremely important facet in success or failure of an organization.

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In recent times, human resource management is undergoing through major innovations and changes in the past few years, due to rapid changes made in the style of working and also the changes in technology.

Below are given the twelve expected upcoming trends, in the field of HRM.

1.Innovations in Human Resource Management

Innovative performance management models, new learning methods, better and new way to reduce bias and innovative approaches to recruit and train people, are furnishing a new pace, synergy and dynamism to HR professionals.

2.People Analytics

People analytics is gaining ground due to its ability to produce workforce insights, talent retention and attrition control. This in turn, may help in working upon the employee needs, concerns etc.

People Analytics in Human Resource Management
Photographer: Adeolu Eletu | Source: Unsplash

3.Talent sourcing

The emphasis is slowly moving from “full timers” to “part timers”, “consultants” and “work from home” professionals.

4.Cloud migration

Cloud-based HRMS (Human Resource Management System), is enabling the payroll, talent management services, financial and other ERP offerings to move to the cloud.

5.Corporate learning tools and their new breed

New learning management systems, AI based systems,Using video and other macro learning platforms like virtual reality and DIY platform are likely to give way to conventional corporate training tools.

6.Intelligent recruitment

As HR needs tools to help find people with the right capabilities and learning skill, it has to be automated. Efforts are underway to do this.

7.Distributed ledger technology

This is also known as Block chain. It has tremendous uses such as digital process management,data-heavy processes, fraud prevention and certification.

8.Talent websites

Talent websites on national and international levels are soon going to be the order of the day. This helps recruiters to find qualified people

9. Gamification

It has been an important tool for learning and development and also to boost employee’s engagement, and team building. However, the latest trend is to use it for recruitment also.

Gamification in Human Resource Management
Photographer: Randy Fath | Source: Unsplash

10.Feedback tools skyrocket

There is a rising demand for real-time feedback on regular basis for employees and also for the different programs initiated by an organization.

Some feedback tools such as 15 Five, Impraise and Culture Amp are drawing attention.

11.Blind hiring

A new software is being developed so that recruitment is completely bias-free. Candidates would be selected based on their actions and answers. Algorithms would be fed to calculate a candidate’s likelihood to succeed in the role they apply for.

12.Measuring the effectiveness of training imparted

Till date, corporate training conducted throughout the world is assessed on the basis of feedback received from the trainees only. There is no methodology or mechanism, in the world yet, to measure the effectiveness of soft skill training imparted.

Ripples Learning Services, Bangalore has developed an entirely new methodology(software), for the first time in the world, to measure the post-training-effectiveness of the training on real-time basis.

For more information on this, please see the link below or contact us.

www.chrmp.com | www.rippleslearning.com | www.resultslab.in 

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