Checklist for Effective Paragraph Writing in a Technical Report

Checklist for Effective Paragraph Writing in a Technical Report

An effective paragraph writing is an issue of vital importance in preparation of a good technical report.

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1. Definition of Paragraph

Let us now understand what do we mean by paragraph.

A Paragraph is a series of sentences that are organized and coherent.

Also, they are all related to a single topic. Paragraphs are integral to any form of writing.

In a paragraph, make it easy for the reader to identify the central idea. Explain the central idea in sufficient detail. Also, show to the reader, the importance of central idea in relation to others.

In a section or chapter, all the paragraphs should be interconnected.

2. Basic structure of a paragraph

The basic structure of a paragraph consists of three aspects. These are.

  • Firstly, the topic or sub-topic around which the paragraph is evolved. Usually, the paragraph starts with a topic sentence, introducing the topic.
  • Secondly, supporting material for the introductory topic sentences, in form of well written sentences.
  • Finally, concluding sentence to sum up the topic.

To make the above further clear, let us take an example.

If we are writing a paragraph on “ Properties Required in Railway Wheels “, this is the main topic.

An introductory sentence should mention this, followed by supporting and also concluding sentences.

3. Essentials of a Paragraph

We need to understand the four essentials of an effective paragraph. These are.

  • Unity,
  • Order,
  • Coherency, and
  • Completeness

All these four elements are integral to each other. Each contributes to the whole and should be duly addressed.

4. How to write a good paragraph

Technical Report- writing the paragraph
Photographer: Andrew Neel | Source: Unsplash

The following steps should be taken for good paragraph writing in a technical report

  • Identify what is the topic or sub-topic of the paragraph. We have mentioned this earlier as “ Central Idea “ in the beginning of this blog.
  • Start with an opening sentence, which forcefully mentions the central idea or topic.
  • Write topic sentences including the scientific material about the topic. This may include the expert opinion also.
  • Conclude with a closing sentence.
  • Read it again and review.
  • If it is not conveying any meaning, rewrite it after repeating the above steps.

5. Format and length of a paragraph

Format of the paragraph should be decided by the author. Though different formats are also available in the literature.

Therefore, we may choose one of them, depending upon the requirements of technical report.

Length of the paragraph should be around half a page or 10-12 lines. If one is not able to write all the details of central idea or topic, in this length, they should go to another sub-paragraph.

However, the paragraph and subsequent paragraphs should remain connected, without loosing the central idea.

Checklist for effective paragraph writing in a technical report

paragraph writing in a technical report - checlklist

Below are provided 14 checks, to help you to write an effective paragraph in a technical report.

  • Have I adapted paragraph length to the format and to my readers?
  • Do my paragraphs vary in length?
  • Does each paragraph develop one complete subdivision?
  • Does everything in each paragraph relate to the topic sentence of that paragraph?
  • Have I used a variety of well-chosen methods to develop paragraphs?
  • Is each sentence connected with the one before and the one after?
  • Have I ensured strong connections between paragraphs?
  • Have I used a variety of transitional methods?
  • Can I improve my transitions by better choice, better placement, more subtlety?
  • Have I stressed important ideas by contrast,proportion, repetition and position?
  • Do my introductory paragraph and concluding paragraph contain important ideas?
  • Does the introductory paragraph present my topic well and gives clarity to readers?
  • Does the concluding paragraph clearly convey the main idea,which we wanted to?

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