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Do Young Millennials Love Their Parents?

Author by : Dr.Damodar Rai

Do Young Millennials Love Their Parents-

‘Do young millennials love their parents?’ talks about a young, intelligent and evolving generation, that has a bonding with their parents, which is unique in many ways.

It may seem that the parent-Millennial relationship maybe constant throughout the world.

Parents are playing an important role in the growth of the millennials. Human resources may need to improvise methods to engage the parents of young millennials.

Do millennials have a good relationship, with their parents.

The mobile phone and Internet have made communication and connectivity convenient for parents and young millennials. The parents are keeping in constant touch with these millennials. A new parent-child relationship is evolving into a more centric and caring relationship.

Let’s, find out how?

Insight: Into, the world of the parent-millennial relationship.

Young Millennials at work
Photographer: Jonathan Borba | Source: Unsplash

Most millennials have good relationships with their parents and have a strong bonding. Parents are constantly pursuing and pressurizing their kids to do well. The parents can go to any length, to ensure their kids perform, this may also include visiting bosses and professors.

After a job offer has been accepted by a ‘interviewee’, some young millennials say they still need to speak to their parents, before gaining employment.

Young millennials belong to the tethered generation; they are constantly tied down and pampered. Some say the over pampering has encouraged them to be ‘demanding’ or Instant gratification (Instant gratification- ‘We want it and we want it now’).

‘We want it and we want it now’. The statement reminds me of that catchy song ‘I want it all’.

Lyrics: ‘I want it all (yes, I want it all) I want it all hey.

I want it all and I want it now.’

Young Millennials - Desires are fulfilled through hard work
Photographer: Emma Matthews Digital Content Production | Source: Unsplash

Please read on…

More millennials are living with their parents these days. There are various reasons for this, some maybe, because of rising costs or they are just too attached to their parents.

In some cases, the ‘helicopter parents’ sit through interviews, lectures and have attended their kid’s performance reviews at work. Employers say that some parents have called up to find out how their kids performed.

Organisations say that the parents can go to any level to ensure their kids get a job in an organisation of their choice after their kids graduate.

For example, parents call up the Human Resources of major organisations to find out which is the best university/school to study in, so their kids can land a job in that organisation after they graduate.


Young millennials are in a variety different from the previous generations. They are vibrant and enthusiastic.

The parent-child bonding has changed the way, human resources engage young millennials.

The trend may be changing for recruiting, employee engagement and working with young millennials.

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