How Social Media is Helping in Meeting Learning Objectives Through Micro Learning

How Social Media is Helping in Meeting Learning Objectives Through Micro Learning

Social media and micro learning can combine together in a powerful way to help meet your learning objectives. The blog post describes how to do it.

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1.0 Definitions

Let us define the terms , social media, social learning.

1.1 Social media

Micro Learning- Social Media
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As per the reference, ,the social media refers to the following.

– We design the websites and applications ,to allow the people to share content quickly, efficiently and in real time.

– The ability to share photos, opinions, events etc in real time, through social media , has transformed the way, we live.

– It has also transformed the way, we do business.

The popular examples of social media are: Facebook, Linked In and Twitter, along with websites.

1.2 Social learning

As per Wikipedia, Social Learning Theory consists of the following:

– It is a type of learning process and social behavior.

– Social learning theory proposes that new behavior can be acquired by observing and imitating others.

– Different social contexts allow individuals to pick up new behaviors, by observing what people are doing ,within that environment.

We have furnished the above definitions ,with respect to sociological behaviors of human beings.

Keeping the above in view, we may define social learning in Human Resource Management as furnished below :

– Learning a particular skill, in group of people, or groups.

– We may facilitate the learning in this way, through specific formats .

– One may also acquire it , through different social media platforms like Face book, Linked in and Twitter.

We will discuss peculiarities of social learning in HR with specific reference to social media. We will also make an effort to assess, how it has helped and revolutionized the micro learning to redefine skills.

2.0 How social media is helping micro learning in meeting learning objectives.

Social Media platforms like Face book, Twitter or Linked in have revolutionized the way, we receive, consume and share information through electronic gadgets. These gadgets may be tablets, smart phones and or personal computers.

People have quick access to learn from a chart, a video clip, a status update or an article shared.

Thus, we may meet the learning objectives through combining social learning and micro learning.

This is particularly very important in view of the fact that new age learners are interested in an efficient methodology . This methodology must be easier, faster and self-paced.

The new age learners are also not interested in real classroom sessions which are often long and boring.

2.1 Advantage of combing social media and micro learning

Social media enables the learners to discuss content nuggets within a quick time. They may also talk about what they have learned.

It may also help to boost their interest ,enhance their skills and, thus, help in the overall development of learner’s new skills.

Hence, the best way to combine social media and micro learning through the following

– Devise a training module consisting of short and crisp objects, keeping in view the learning objectives

– Provide it to the learners through well laid out learning paths

– Thus, we may be able to embrace the overall learning objectives.

2.2 How to get optimum benefits of combining social media and micro learning

In order to get best results from the combination of social media and micro learning, the author suggests that we do the following:

– Preparation of content nuggets in multiple formats

– Transmission of these bite sized, crisp content nuggets through social media to the learners

– Then we ask the learners to connect to it, like, share or comment or vote even

– We may also include a Just-In-Time job aids along with the above. Thus ,we make the session interactive, where learners ask questions and clear their doubts.

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