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How to Enhance the Level of Positive Emotions at Workplace.

How to Enhance the Level of Positive Emotions at Workplace

Positive emotions at workplace play a very significant role in growth and development of an organisation.

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Some of the positive emotions at workplace may be categorised as level of being comfortable,satisfied, enthusiastic, energetic and happy.It is to be noted, that positive emotions may be expressed to different levels by individual contributions and managers.In an organisation, individual contributors may tend to feel conformable more often than the managers. This may be due to managers being stressed out on account of multiroles. On the other hand, managers may feel more energetic,happy and enthusiastic than the individuals in the team.This may be on account of their role as a coach or facilitator in the team.

1. To enhance comfort level

It has been observed that following ways may increase the comfort level of your organisation members.

  • Frequent meeting with managers and employees to facilitate one to one connection.
  • Encourage team spirit .If the success is achieved,let it belong to team. On the other hand, if failure is there, the manager should tell that it is his failure, rather than ascribing it to the team.
  • Evolve strategies for employees being heard and understood.
  • Managers must act as coach, not as boss.

2. To enhance level of satisfaction

It has been found by researchers that accomplishing a task, which has a great impact on the team, makes them much more satisfied.Also the task or project must be challenging enough to invite great effort.Here are few tips to enhance the level of satisfaction at workplace.

  • Good performance must be recognised
  • Make the task much more challenging , so that employees are totally engaged in accomplishing it.
  • Integrate the employees with vision, mission and goals of the organization.

3. To enhance level of enthusiasm

Some tips are as follows:

  • Create opportunities for employees to learn from each other.
  • Increase intra and inter-collaboration among teams
  • Assign the work, based on the competency and strength of employees

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