HR Training Course in Delhi

HR Training Course in Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India and by far a very complex and important business centre of India. Being a political capital of the country, Delhi houses many important places, people and business houses. The city has a power dynamics that is evident in the culture of the people and organisations too.

Right from traditional industries like engineering and manufacturing to modern day industries like IT, ITES, telecom and other services, all of them have their presence in Delhi. The workforce in Delhi is therefore outspoken, skilful and versatile.

Delhi is also an educational centre with many reputed engineering and medical colleges in addition to the graduation and post graduation universities. The workforce in Delhi is well-educated and highly aware of the market trends and opportunities that come thereof.

To be able to make best use of an evolved workforce like the one in Delhi, it is important that the HR teams of organisations are adept at understanding people, promoting and implementing change, introducing people welfare initiatives that are best suited for the industry, apply the latest HR practices to acquire, retain and manage talent.

There is therefore an acute need for HR courses in Delhi which can address the practical aspects of modern day HR. There are several HR courses in Delhi for professionals to choose from; however many of them are very academic in nature and only fulfil the purpose of obtaining some kind of certification. However a good HR course should be able to prepare the learner for direct application of learning. By this definition, one of the best HR courses in Delhi is the CHRMP suite of certification programs. The CHRMP Foundation Course helps new entrants set foot and establish base in HR, while the CHRMP Fellowship and Advance programs are meant for experienced HR professionals looking to learn new systems/processes and to specialize.

The CHRMP’s HR courses in Delhi are conducted by professionals who have worked and are engaged in several new age HR projects in multinational corporations across the world. Therefore CHRMP courses steer clear of conceptual sessions that reek of academia. CHRMP’s HR courses in Delhi are also available online through a live and interactive platform.

CHRMP HR training in Gurgaon is similar to the CHRMP HR training in Delhi in terms of style and facility. Participants can choose either of the locations convenient to them.

HR Certification Courses in Delhi – Eligibility, Duration, and other details

Eligibility UG/PG(other than HR) Experience PG (in HR)
Level Level 1 Level 2
Duration 4 to 6 Weeks 6 to 12 Weeks
More details Click here Click here
Online Available Yes Yes

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