One of my posts was about how we can reduce stress at work. And today I want to help you to carry out one of the methods to minimise stress – stop worrying. Now worrying is something that comes naturally to human beings. If there is nothing to think of most people find something to worry about. I agree, it’s not your fault that you think in that manner. However, you have to now start making choices to start living rather than worrying.

Not always! If your worry is about the water tap not working or the gas cylinder leaking it’s fine for a few minutes so that it makes you act. But if it is about the items provided below you must choose again before focusing on it. Remember, your energy flows where your thought goes.

  1. Future: I personally used to be so very worried about how I will move ahead in my life. But over the period of time things have fallen to place. So many people around us worry each day about tomorrow or the distant future. It’s good to have the awareness so that you can mentally prepare for any challenge the situation brings to you. However, spending endless time thinking about it is just taking away your energy. And is definitely destroying your health and peace of mind. Michel de Montaigne’s quote, “My life has been filled with terrible misfortune, most of which never happened”, does throw some light on the fact.
  2. Past: “I could have done this”, “I should have rather done that”, are all useless thoughts right now. And please, we all have to get rid of these. What has happened has, and nobody can change past events. Isn’t it better to spend our time and energy on what we can do now?
  3. Age: “Oh Lord!” I see so many of my friends and family members worrying about their age and that they are getting older. We are all getting older and age is moving an upward trend – for everyone. In no normal circumstances, as far as I know, do we have a technology that can help us to stop the ageing process. Then of what use is worrying about age? An old proverb goes, “Age and glass of wine must never be counted”.
  4. Basic body characteristics: I once had a counselling client who happened to be very short – just about five feet. And he was so upset about it, spending all his time thinking about the height. When I asked him whether he could do anything about it, he said that that is what I should tell him. Neither I nor anyone I knew had heard anything close to increasing height manually. When I told that he should learn to live with it the client even go angry and pissed off. Imagine what would happen to him if he continues to feel frustrated about his height. Imagine his life after five years or ten years m Some people want to have fairer colour? Or a different face structure? Maybe a bit more flat or broader?
  5. Thumbs Up: No it’s not the soft drink. It’s about the mouse clicks on your posts or pictures. So many individuals, mostly teens, crave for those upsurging “likes” on their post or picture. Worse is the fact that they get disappointed when the number is less and these Thumbs Up count is able to destroy their self image.
  6. Others opinion of you: It’s a bit tough to do but you must practice this as well. People will anytime have opinions or judgements about you. So many people lose their strength just due to the fear of being judged or mocked at. However, it is for you to decide whether others opinion should have any weight for you or not. And how much should those opinions impact your life. Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Your focus decides what type of life you will live. And you can choose anytime to only think about other things and to discard all of these from your life so that you will be able to be far more productive and fulfilled, leading a worry-free life.

So are you prepared to choose better thoughts than the above? What are those? Do let us know through the comment section below.

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