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An Introduction to HR Analytics

An Introduction to HR Analytics

HR analytics, as defined by Heuvel & Bondarouk, is the systemic identification and quantification of the people drivers of business outcome. Or, when one applies data-driven approaches to do all various people-related activities in the organization. It has become a buzzword during the current times and the application too is consistently increasing.

All industries are consistently evolving. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for anybody, specially the HR professionals, to learn about the topic of HR Analytics.

HR Analytics
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Problems such as controlling employee turnover, forecasting employee absenteeism or making the employees more engaged and much more can be dealt with better if we start using data.

Keeping these in mind, CHRMP recently conducted a webinar: ‘HR Analytics – Impact on business”. Here Animesh Rai, Director – Training & Certification, discusses about the various aspects related to HR analytics. His discussion includes the models and using it in the context of Human Resource Management.

He also discusses the difference between traditional HR and data-driven HR, relation between Investments and business objectives. Most important of all, one may learn possible metrics to track, designing metrics to tackle various challenges in organizations, etc.

Finally, he has also presented a case discussion in this HR Analytics webinar to give better clarity on the subject.

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