Break all barriers with ‘Mamba Mentality’?

What do you want to do? How far are you ready to go to do that? What are you ready to let go? Are you prepared for the long strife? Are you prepared to fall, rise, again and again and still stand back towards your pursuit?


Recently, Kobe Bryant, the famous American basketballer, released a Nike shoes by the name – Mamba Mentality – and that is what made this term quite popular. When asked about what it means and why such unique name the champion said that the term implies an individual’s constant quest to find answers, infinite curiosity to attempt to improve by figuring things out. And that a person has Mamba mentality when they are not worried about the future or the end result but only about the present moment.

Most people across the globe know about this rockstar of basketball, Kobe, as the epitome of performance. The six and a half feet player says he has been using this attitude throughout his life. He gave everything to achieve whatever he wanted to. It is about utter determination, focus and persistence towards whatever goals we set up. It doesn’t bother about your odds to win or the opponents, rather, just about the final result, which is, I will be the champion. Losing is just impossible when you have this kind of mentality because you lose only when you stop, and that never happens.


Human beings have an amazing potential to single-handedly drill through several kilometres of mountains (Dasrath Manjhi’s story) when they are able to direct their total energy and passion towards one activity in a focused manner.  Or do anything that seems crazy to even think of in the beginning. However, if you too want to achieve something it’s never late to start working towards your goal with Mamba mentality. Once you are able to create that kind of attitude nothing will stop you because you will not be ready to stop. And the ability to focus on present would also put you in Flow state that psychologists have found to be essential for any focused activity.

People often give up in the face of one or two failures believing that probably it’s impossible or not for them. And they would better give up being as they currently are. However, if they delete the possibility of giving up they would definitely reach where they want to go or get what they want to have.

And in fact, we need people with such Mamba mentality – not only in basketball – and drilling mountains – but everywhere and in every profession. Be it going to the moon or taking care of your family, we need it. It’s not impossible, though difficult – it might seem.

Now achieving anything worthy would not always be a cakewalk. The road towards those achievements is filled with different forms of hurdles – big and small. If one doesn’t step in the direction with such mental make-up, they are sure to put down weapons in face of difficult times.


You might say – “He’s Kobe and might be different.” How can any common person achieve this mentality? Meditation is definitely a way to gain focus and even Bryant used to practice it. He also gives credits to the meditation practice for his several peak performances. The practice, over a long term, usually allows you to focus on the present and not worry about the past or the future. Worrying would have otherwise taken away a part of your energy. However, the practice brings a razor – like sharpness to your action and any performance you deliver is nothing less than just your best.

Secondly, the activity sure has to be something you are interested in. Or can be interested in. Else, how would you hope to deliver an ever-lasting mentality? Although we talk of interest in an inborn terms, I recently realised that interest might be generated if you are interested in generating that at least. What do you think?

These people too must decide to stop thinking of unnecessary people and let them go. In fact, Kobe was sometimes even hated by his teammates for being arrogant. However, he did delight spectators and his whole team through the amazing action he used to deliver during the matches.

Mamba mentality is not very unique and, although not by the same name, every achiever has used it, and is still using it. The phrase is actually the key to exceptional performances in anything one does, and therefore, essential for every individual on this earth. Without it, there’s nothing BIG happening in the world.

What do you think? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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